Under the Cascading Water

Hot water cascading over
our naked bodies,
running down my arms
to where my hands
cup your breasts
pulling your body
against mine.

Steam isn’t the only thing
as you feel me grow
hard against your backside,
slipping, nestled
between your cheeks
slippery with suds.

My fingers gently
pulling on your sensitive
I slide a hand downward
fingers seeking a heat
hotter than the water
we are joined under.

Lips parting, fingers
exploring gently, purposefully
into your sweet folds
as you moan and gyrate
against the pulsating
shaft between your cheeks.

Holding you, in my embrace
as you tremble beneath
my touch
body shaking as you slip
over the edge into bliss
I can’t resist whispering,

©AC Elliott, 2016