On Her Knees

Watching her fall to her knees, eager to please, makes my heart race. Looking down at her pretty face, with her pouty lips and pretty eyes, practically makes me sigh. Her fingers splayed, across my waist, her needs relayed by how her fingers work with haste. Rushed and ready, her cheeks flushed red, hot, while her eyes plead to discover what’s hidden underneath.

Her fingers, shaking, undoing my belt, the fire reflected in her eyes makes my insides melt. I want her to see what’s hidden underneath, it’s already twitching and eager, to be released into the air under her gentle care. With ease, she has me undone, pants and briefs around my knees, her eyes burning bright as the sun, while she’s on her knees and ready please.

Soft hands, cool against my hot skin, cupping my balls, caressing my shaft until I am standing tall. Watching her place her cheek against me, feeling my shaft pulse against her, is a beautiful sight to see. Pulling me down with her fingertips, as she parts her soft and sultry lips, tongue snaking out licking them lightly. Getting them wet… she is all set, to wrap them around my bulbous crown and swallow me down, while down on her knees and ready to please.

Her hot lips gripping me tight, while her tongue dances over my skin, a light tickling, teasing me like I’m her favorite sinful delight. The sight is intense, there is no false pretense, she truly enjoys bringing me joy, while down on her knees, eager to please.

Gripping her hair in my hands while she steadily sucks, I can hardly withstand the urge to thrust and fuck her pretty mouth. While her lips and mouth I do adore, I want to see even more, so at my bequest, she bares her chest, pulling her shirt down, exposing her wondrous breasts. It is such a sight to see, watching them sway and bounce, while she is on her knees, steadily pleasing me.

The sound and sight is wondrous to see, as she moans tasting the pre-cum oozing from me. My hard shaft wet with her spit, she strokes with one hand steadily up and down, kneading her tit with the other as her lips grasp me tightly about the crown. I moan loudly, my sensitive tip is tickled, it’s like jolts of electricity shooting down– my shaft, pulsates and throbs, as her head bobs, taking me deep while on her knees, she is definitely pleasing me.

In a rush I am flowing, releasing my need, hard spurts filling her mouth with my seed. I can feel her swallow, trying to take it all, yet some still falls, escapes– from her lips, running over her fingertips, dripping, a light sheen coating her breasts. It’s the most beautiful sight ever seen, watching her pleasing me, while down on her knees.


©AC Elliott


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