How Wet Can You Get?

Won’t you lay back for me and spread those legs
While you’re at it, grab those knees, pull them wide
Really, there’s no reason for you to beg
It’s my desire to slip my tongue inside
To taste your nectar on my mouth and lips
While exploring you with deft fingertips
I want you to grind, get my face all wet
In fact, I want to see, how wet you can get

Over and over my tongue will sweep
Your clit in my mouth, I’ll give it a twist
Then my fingers will explore and thrust deep
Until your nectar sweetly coats my wrist
I want to feel your body start to shake
Your orgasm building from the music we make
Punctuated by your loud wanton moans
At this moment, it’s your body I own

When I’m done, I want you to straddle me
Grasp my throbbing cock, guide me deep inside
Then leaning back, let me fully see
You taking me in and starting to slide
Riding my hard shaft, slowly up and down
Thrusting up from the base to the crown
Ride me hard until you find your sweet bliss
And you cover me with your nectar’s mist

When you are done, more fun will begin
I want you to slip off and lick me clean
Rub my cockhead over your lips and chin
Lick the head, balls and everything between
Tasting yourself on my thick, throbbing cock
Wrapping and holding me in a vacuum lock
Your tongue tickling my crown, while in your tight seal
It will make my head spin and my mind reel

Before we’re done, I’ll take you many ways
Your face down, ass up, and all that’s implied
We’ll both be feeling it for many days
See what happens when you spread your legs wide?
There is nothing more that needs to be said
Just get over here and lay back on my bed
Then everything will be ready and set
So, I can find out, just how wet you can get

©AC Elliott


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