The Man (Part One)

Melissa looked at the email again to make certain she read it correctly. Her eyes scanned the lines repeatedly, letting the words soak into her brain. She couldn’t believe the audacity of the man, sending her an email like that. It practically demanded that she be at his apartment by no later than 8pm, and of all things he even told her what she was to wear. She didn’t know where he got the nerve to makes these kinds of demands upon her. He had no right, regardless of the fact that he was a senior partner in the firm.

Despite her firm reservations, she still went home and did exactly as he asked. She pulled on the stockings and tight skirt she had worn to the company Christmas party and checked herself in the mirror. Turning this way and that, she admired herself and hefted her breasts with her palms, adjusting them.

“Well…” she said aloud, “at least the man has good taste in my clothes.”

She arrived at his door at 8pm precisely, just as he had directed. Knocking softly, she waited for him to answer, her nerves on edge with anticipation. As the door swung open, she found herself staring at the man, seeing him a new light. He stood there, bare chested and barefoot, wearing nothing but his black slacks from earlier. A small “I knew you would come” smile formed on his lips, as he opened the door to let her into his well furnished apartment.

“Come inside,” he more demanded than asked.

Melissa couldn’t help but think again on how he needed to work on his manners. But she obeyed him nonetheless, stepping across the threshold into his little world. Her eyes darted around the room, taking in his impeccable taste for furniture and fine things. She couldn’t help but think that even his couch probably cost more than her average monthly salary.

“Join me in the dining room,”Mr. Kite demanded, barely cracking a smile as he followed her into the room.

Melissa may not have been entirely sure of why he had summoned her to his apartment at this late an hour, but she was certain it wasn’t for work. Those feelings only solidified when her eyes fell on the twin wine glasses set out on the table, with a bottle of red wine chilling over ice.

Melissa stopped at the end of the table, and placed her hands on the tabletop. Before she could turn her head to look at him, a question on her lips, she felt him standing close behind her. He was so close that she could feel his breath brush against the back of her neck. The soft, warm breath wafting over her flesh sent chills down her spine, as she felt a desire for this man begin to well up from out of nowhere.

She shivered delightfully as she felt his mouth come close to her ear. His soft breath tickled her lobe as he whispered, “Bend over, Melissa.”

Melissa did as he instructed, bending over at the waist and resting on her elbows. As she did so, her blouse lifted up slightly, exposing the small of her back. She sucked in a surprised breath as he placed his hand on the small of her back, and began caressing her bare skin softly. Her face flushed red, heart racing slightly as his hand slipped lower, running across her asscheeks over the thin fabric of her skirt in small circular motions.

“Very good, Melissa,” she heard him whisper. “Now, spread your legs a little more.”

Melissa spread her legs a little further apart, and felt his hand begin to caress her ass once more. His strong fingers ran over her, between her cheeks, exploring her soft curves. She suppressed a surprised moan when he pressed them firmly against her anus, rubbing it through the thin cloth.

Suddenly, his touch was gone, and she felt him grasp the hem of her skirt. She squeaked slightly as he roughly lifted it, pushing it up over the globes of her flesh. Her head reeling as his strong hand cupped her panty covered sex, his thumb tracing the thong as it disappeared between her cheeks.

“There you go, that’s a good girl,” she heard him say as he pressed his fingers against her now damp panties.

(To be continued)

©AC Elliott, 9-Oct-2017


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