Essence #50

He sits thinking
of things in the past,
of times to come,
of possibilities
and impossibilities.
It makes him wonder,
where does he fit in the
grand scheme of life?
© AC Elliott, 13-Oct-17

Written using the Free Verse poetry form.


4 thoughts on “Essence #50”

  1. I think we all wonder that at times……..I know I do. Our past, our present, our future. How everything plays out. I would just like to see the playbook. See where I fit, because I feel like I don’t. I have always felt that way. Always searching, seeking, yet never finding, unfulfilled, left wondering. Once in a while, you cross paths with someone who brings joy, peace, comfort and a sense of belonging but in a blink of your eye, they are gone. Again, you are back at square one……wondering where you fit and if you ever will again.

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  2. Reflecting on your past can bring you insight and planning for the future is wise but be careful not to over look the here and now. The key to being happy is finding peace in the now and letting it pass us by is a terrible loss. We only get one shot at it, might as well make it as joyful as possible, or so I believe. 🙂
    Worry over the past and stress over the future will only smother today.

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