Essence #52

He slips into the abyss
where darkness engulfs him
in its icy embrace.
He can feel it threatening to cut off
his breathing,
and although he is unable to scream,
she can still hear his silent cries.
That’s when her light
penetrates his darkness
and her hand pulls him free.
© AC Elliott, 19-Oct-17

Written using Free Verse poetry form.


2 thoughts on “Essence #52”

  1. Slipping under the icy waves, it was her Light, her touch, that brought him back up before he sank for the last time. At first his hand felt hers, it faltered, nearly broke free, grasped again. She, in turn, drew her strength borrowed from him, from a place he nearly thought forgotten; yet she saw, she remembered. Like his very own warrior woman, she gripped him tightly, unwilling to let go, and pulled him from his darkness. Her Light shown all around him, soothing him, warming him slowly. He knew, should he slip under again, she’d be there once more.

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