Infinite Possibilities

the luxury of waiting isn’t mine
I can feel the strain
I’m always firing on all cylinders
restless and ready,
movement is required to break
the junction
boxes connecting me to reality
anchored to the known
splitting my personality
with thoughts that can only stem from
the unknown

these strange thoughts invade my brain
filling it like an overstuffed suitcase
bursting at the seams,
busting the zipper
unable to hold it all in
it is altering all that I know, or knew
and changing resulting actions
from the stale and mundane
with acts rife with temerity
rash and bold, they are jettisoning me
into the unknown

forgetting the known
I fully embrace the unknown
its touch changing me
opening my mind
to infinite possibilities
© AC Elliott, 19-Oct-17

Written using Free Verse poetry form.


2 thoughts on “Infinite Possibilities”

  1. Infinite possibilities, my mind fracturing into a thousand different directions. Picking up each piece, sorting through it all, throwing some out as nonsense, chasing some down the path of imagined possibility. The question you might ask at each juncture is: who will go with me and will it be worth the risk?

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