Skilled Hands

Skillful hands working
Steadily kneading muscles
Working out the kinks
The tightness in my shoulders
Easing each passing second
Soft hands running down
Tracing my spine, lower back
They’re firmly pressing
On hard and tightened muscles
Bringing much needed comfort
Hands working down legs
Finding the deep tension points
Soothing them softly
Yet firmly and expertly
Until they’re fully relaxed
Hands directing me
To flip over on my back
I’m fully exposed
There’s no towel to hide me
Arousal from skilled hands bared
Hands oiled, massaging
Running over my hard flesh
Easing out tension
Built up deep inside of me
Needing to be eased, released
Skillful hands stroking
Pulls the tension out slowly
Expertly coaxing
The pulsing, throbbing muscle
Draws the much needed release
Soft hands caressing
As all the tension explodes
Leaving my body
Gushing forcefully outward
Expelled in a roaring rush
Skillful hands soothe me
Pulls out the remaining tension
Coaxing the last,drop
Until I’m completely spent
Tension is gone, I’m relaxed

©AC Elliott, 2015


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