Essence #57

He longs to have her in his grip
feel her beneath his fingertips

Hard nipples pressed into his palms
pinning her without any qualms

Her beneath him with legs spread wide
while he’s pounding hard, deep inside

It doesn’t need to be too complex
just honest to goodness rough sex

Leaving them both a sweaty mess
a perfect way to relieve stress
© AC Elliott, 27-Oct-17

Written using the Cyhydedd Fer poetry form.

(cuh-hee-dedd ver)

A simple Welsh form consisting of eight syllable couplets. This form can be used as a series of couplet stanzas similar to the Ghazal, or as a cauda (tail) for one of the other Welsh forms.

x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x a


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