Polishing Wood

Stroking slowly, purposefully
I can feel the hardness
there, beneath my fingers
underneath the silky cloth
wrapped tightly around it

The silky cloth in my hand glides
running from the base,
upwards to the tip, circling it
and sliding effortlessly
over the thick knob at the top

I marvel at the feeling
the thick knob, beneath my fingers
how the silky cloth wraps it
caressing it, conforming to it
like the soft lips of a lover

Releasing the knob, I run the cloth
downward, harder and faster
stroking the smoothness
intently, with the purpose
of releasing the beauty within

Holding it firmly in my grip
I watch as it vibrates, almost twitching
after being stroked so hard and fast
all to bring out a shine
in the antique wooden cane

Β© AC Elliott, 2016


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