The Fall

She trembled, wary of the fall
when he pinned her against the wall
while looking deep into her eyes

His voice was a beckoning call
easing, soothing the stormy squall
that was hidden behind her eyes

There was no reason for her to stall
so, she allowed herself to fall
finding love deep in his dark eyes
© AC Elliott, 8-Nov-17

Written using the Go Vat poetry form.

Go Vat is a South East Asia poetry form that consists of a couplet of usually eight syllables, which sets the rhyme for the subsequent stanzas, and a third line which can be repeated totally or phrase or just the final word.


8 thoughts on “The Fall”

    1. One reason I don’t like eye contact much. I don’t want others to see what’s there. I looked into my own eyes once many, many years ago while high on LSD. I didn’t like what I saw then and I don’t want to subject that to anyone else.

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