Essence #70

You are the perfect offering
for my beast, and before we are through,
I will know
every inch of you,
devouring and consuming you,
covering and filling you
© AC Elliott, 5-Dec-2017


13 thoughts on “Essence #70”

      1. I was gone for a few months…..but your slump is never apparent. Months, years could go by….and the sensuality is always there, right where you left off. It’s a neat gift you have. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it.


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    1. Thank you, my dear. I’m curious, since you’ve been through a number of my pieces already…Why is it your favorite so far? (Besides being tastefully dirty) Is it the notion of being an offering, devoured, filled and consumed?

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      1. You literally just took the answer from my fingertips. But also, to have a man know every inch of my body, to explore me fully and have his way with me is quite exhilarating. And then to cover and fill me up, these are desires I whisper into the ear of my lover in the moment.

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      2. That’s so funny because you asked the question lol but it is hard to keep track of every comment when there are so many. I tend to get carried away when I meet someone that I adopt an immediate fondness to. You are a rare breed of man, that must be why you have so many women fawning over you and your words on your site. We all adore a man who can make love in such a way that reaches past our bodies and awakens our very souls.


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