Sleep Beckons Me

Sleep beckons me
like a mistress crooking her finger
urging me to step closer
into her waiting embrace.
It is in that embrace
that I succumb to my darkness
letting it run rampant
like a sky void of all light
where not even a star
to light the way.

Sleep beckons me
like a mistress, waiting
to embrace me
and accept the darkness
© AC Elliott, 5-Dec-2017


2 thoughts on “Sleep Beckons Me”

  1. Crazy. I was just thinking this morning (middle of my night) about how the darkness and loneliness and sadness creeps in during the night more often than the day. Dark desires, as well. Why is that? My theory is that our brains are wired to let down some of those normal protective walls while we’re asleep and when we’re awake during those sleeping times… we are made more vulnerable and open to the dark desires as well as loneliness of the heart. Just a thought.

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