Check Your Spam Folder

I have commented on a few posts today, both via email and on the WP App. Unfortunately, those comments are not appearing. So, it looks like I am going into Spam folders for some reason…

Take care,

AC Elliott


Sweet Devotion

Along my
Hardening shaft
Letting me feel your
Tongue tickling underneath
Tracing the vein running from
Base to the bulbous top, slowly.
Then part your lips, gently pulling me
Into the warmth of your succulent mouth.
Wrap your hand around my hard, throbbing shaft
Pumping slowly as you take me deep
Swallowing all that you can take.
Look up at me. Then, My pet,
I want to see your eyes,
Your sweet devotion,
In wanting to
Take it

© AC Elliott, 30-Jun-18 (Originally Written July 2015)

* Written in Double Etheree poetry form

An Exercise in Patience

She kneels, waiting,
wanting His touch
a simple affirmation,
that she belongs to Him.

The need, overwhelms her
she can feel her heart
pounding with anticipation,
eager for his touch.

She wonders, does He know
the depth of her
and how the slightest touch
of His hand elevates her?

So, she waits, kneeling
hoping He will see her…
and patience exercised
waiting for His touch.
© AC Elliott, 29-Jun-18

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Like a whirlwind, I’m caught in a haze of my own doing, unable to tell whether I am coming or going. I was gone on vacation for a week… which was nice, don’t get me wrong (even if it wasn’t restful)… to come back to a slew of emails and work to be done. The kicker is, I only have two days to catch up, and then I’m off again (Saturday). This time, it’s camping for a week in the great outdoors. Just me (a handful of other adults) and a whole bunch of youth (pray for me)… for six nights and seven days… so, I am literally, here today and gone tomorrow. I’ll stay in touch when I’m able and read when I can (signal permitting).

© AC Elliott, 28-June-18


Let me discover
the taste of your sighs
exploring the valley
nestled between your thighs,
grasp my head, hold tight
I can do this…all night.

As my tongue snakes in
and laps up your cream
gyrate your hips and grind,
don’t hold back your scream
make a mess all over the place
then, afterwards, lick it from my face.

Let me discover
the taste of your sighs
as I lap up the sweet nectar
flowing between your thighs…
© AC Elliott, 28-Jun-18