A Sticky Situation (Part 11) (Mature 18+)

Spreading her cheeks, I watched as the lubricant rolled over her rosebud of an anus. Slowly, I began massaging the liquid around her asshole, and then gingerly I pressed my index finger into her tight hole. She moaned as my finger slid into the first knuckle. Pulling it back slowly, I applied more lube and began working it around her sphincter.

I slowly stretched her asshole, starting with my index finger and then adding another finger as she relaxed and became accustomed to the invasion. Throughout the entire time, she alternated between moaning in pleasure and begging me to stop. She tried to wiggle away from me once, but a quick smack on her already sore ass brought her back in line quickly.

When I felt she was ready, I stepped behind her, holding the butt plug between my fingers. I eyed her asshole, and then looked at the butt plug. Having another idea, I dropped the butt plug to the floor and squirted lube into my hand. Wrapping my hand around my hard cock, I massaged the oil into my skin, making me slick and ready. Once I was ready, I flipped her over onto her back roughly so that she was laying on top of her bound hands.

“Oh, no, Todd… please, no,” she said as her eyes growing large as saucers when they beheld my shiny, slick cock.

Shoving her a little further onto the bed, I spread her legs and stepped between them. Pinning her legs with my shoulders, I guided my cockhead to her slick asshole and pressed it against her. She was mewling like a cat in heat as I firmly pressed my cockhead against her asshole, and slowly began pushing into her.

“Look at me,” I growled when she tried to look away.

Her head snapped back, locking eyes with mine. I wanted to see her eyes as I continued to push into her rectum. Before it was all said and done, I wanted her to realize exactly who was in charge in this house, and it certainly wasn’t her.

Chelsea’s mouth opened wide as the crown of my cockhead slipped past her sphincter ring. I felt her muscles snap around my shaft and grip me as tight as a vise. Pausing, I let her get accustomed my thick cock being in her rear passage. When I thought she was ready, I began pushing slowly into her, taking my time and pausing as needed in order for her to be ready for more.

Throughout the entire time, she kept her eyes locked on mine. Keeping her legs pinned by with my shoulders, I reached down and grabbed her nipples between the fingers of each hand. Pinching them between my digits, I twisted and pulled on them. Enflamed by the look of pure lust that entered her eyes, I pushed all the way into her, filling her young ass with my hard cock.

“Oh my g-g-g-awd,” she moaned, licking her lips as I continued to assault her nipples with my fingers.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Chelsea,” I told her calmly, hearing a satisfying assent of a moan slip from her mouth.

I began slowly at first, pulling back until I could feel the crown being held by her asshole. When I was almost all the way out, I began pushing back inside of her slowly, pulling on her nipples as I slid deep into rear end. Continuing this way for several strokes, I savored the slow feel of her tight asshole as my cock slid in and out of her.

Satisfied that she used to my thick rod being in her rear passage, I began increasing the pace of my strokes. I ramped it up slowly, enjoying the feeling of bottoming out in her rear end repeatedly. Her moans grew louder and longer with each hard thrust, it was like her moans were urging me to take her harder and faster. I did so with no problem what-so-ever, continuing to thrust into her until I was a blur of movement.

Releasing her nipples, I grabbed her legs and spread them as wide as I could possibly get them. Looking down, I watched as my hard cock slid effortlessly into her asshole repeatedly. Her body bounced with each hard thrust, her breasts waving in small circles as I assaulted her rear end. The closer I got to my pending orgasm, the harder I thrust into, until the sounds emanating from her turned from moans to screams of pleasure.

“Who’s in control?” I growled at her.

“Oh, fuck, you are…” she moaned.

“Who is going to be a good girl?” I asked her breathlessly as I bottomed out in her ass.

“I am, fuck, I will do whatever you say… just don’t stop…” she pleaded.

Releasing her right leg, I reached between us and began rubbing her clit hard. I listened to her screams as they continued to get louder, signaling her impending orgasm. Thrusting deep into her as hard as I could, I held myself there just as she began thrashing her head, her young body wracked with orgasmic bliss. As her asshole tightened around my thick shaft, I exploded, filling her rear end with spurts of my hot seed.

“Oooooh,” she cried out as I dumped load after load into her tight ass.

As my orgasm subsided, I pulled out of her rear end with a satisfying “pop”. Collapsing on the vacant chair, I watched as my young trussed up lover lay panting on the bed. After resting for a few seconds, I stood up, flipped her over onto her stomach and undid the ropes binding her hands.

“Get out of here,” I ordered. “Don’t you ever, ever, think of doing what you did to me again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she moaned, her eyes blinking back tears as she slowly made her way to the door.

“Oh, and Chelsea,” I said.


“I expect you to be in my room every morning for the next week. When you come in, I want you to drop your drawers and bend over my knees. Then I will spank you, and if you are a good girl, I might even let you cum. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she mewled, tears running down her cheeks as she left my room.

“Now,” I said aloud to myself. “What to do about the other ladies in the house…”
(To be continued)


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