Gorgon Medusa. Mirror of Memory” by Lilia Osipova

She’s caught gazing upon her stony image
Eyes peering longingly at her reflection
Refusing to see her now ugly visage
She lets her mind believe its own deception
In trials and tribulations she is well versed
Living the life of one forever cursed
Her hair may be writhing with venomous snakes
It’s what’s hidden inside that makes her heart break

It’s what’s hidden inside that makes her heart break
The beauty that people always fail to see
Knowing that her gaze will put their lives at stake
Not taking any chances, they turn and flee
Leaving her, always so sad and so alone
Lest they be stuck, turned forever into stone
Since all are threatened by her stony gaze
She’ll be alone until the end of her days

She’ll be alone until the end of her days
Always wishing for some reason to rejoice
To perhaps be caught in some ones loving gaze
Hear the tenderness and love within their voice
Shattering what has become reality
Taking her to a place of surreality
Forever breaking the lonesome, horrid curse
Calming tribulations that are her life’s verse

A calming of tribulations in her life
Is feeling she will never get to know
She is bound forever by trial and strife
Until she’s finally dealt that fatal blow

She’s caught gazing on her reflection shown
Seeing someone forever to be unknown
Wishing, just once, she could turn her heart to stone

© AC Elliott, 18-Sep-18 (originally written in 2014)


The Dance at Fate’s Hands

Holding one another, the two lovers dance, swaying softly
Music is piped in through the speakers, a gentle rhythm
Their bodies pressed close as they slowly move together
Each intimately aware of the other, responding to the slightest touch
Clothes slipping off, falling to the floor, naked flesh against naked flesh
As they continue to dance together in a slow sensual dance

Neither had anticipated they would ever have this dance
Or the chance to feel one another as they swayed softly
Let alone feel the smoothness of each other’s naked flesh
The desire and passion for one another, creating a unique rhythm
As the music ends, but the dance continues, guided by a gentle touch
The hand of fate leading them, orchestrating the time they are together

Bodies heated with passion, fueled by a desire to be together
Pressing her against the bed, ready to take their sensual dance
To the next level, he longs to feel her body respond to his gentle touch
Yearns to hear sighs as they escape her lips while he explores her softly
Wanting their bodies to be connected, joined, rocking in their unique rhythm
As they both willingly submit themselves to one another’s flesh

Her lips part as he lowers his mouth to hers, as his hand roams her supple flesh
Runs down her abdomen, over her velvet soft sex, as she clamps her legs together
Holding his hand firmly between her thighs, fingers against her petals strumming a rhythm
Chords of delight on sensitive flesh, making her senses joyously dance
Her wetness coats his fingers, as they slip into her, sheathed softly
Muscles contracting softly around his strong fingers, moaning under his gentle touch

Reaching down, searching, she gasps feeling his firmness as it throbs under her touch
Feeling the heat in his loins, and the desire for her radiating from his hard flesh
Unclenching her legs, parting them, she pulls him, guiding him ever so softly
Feeling him pressed against her soft petals, their heat combining, joining together
As he penetrates her soft folds, her legs wrapping around him, another step in the dance
Rocking into her deeply, fully, their bodies begin to move in a natural rhythm

Hands clasped, music emanating their bodies in sighs and moans, a divine rhythm
Bodies rocking steadily, lost in one another’s eyes, enflamed by each other’s touch
As they reach the peak, the climax, of their most intimate dance
Shivering with pleasure, flooding him with her sweet nectar, coating his flesh
While he offers his seed unto her, filling her to overflowing, the two come together
As one, the music of their lovemaking, echoing throughout the room softly

The intimate dance comes to end, leaving their hearts beating the same rhythm
Fate brought together their lives, guiding them with her most gentle touch
To softly seal the forbidden lover’s hearts to one another by joining their flesh.

©AC Elliott, 18-Sep-18 (originally written in 2014)

*Written using the Sestina poetry form, a repeating end word form.


Black stain upon my hands
Inky and dark from smudging
Papers, with words scattered
Haphazardly thrown together
Nothing more than a jumbled list
Unorganized, random thoughts

Black stains upon my face
Inky and dark from rubbing
With stained hands,
While pondering
Scribbles that make no sense
To anyone other than myself

Renderings of my subconscious
On the paper, hands and face
Smelling of ink, dark and stained
To be unable to generate
A single coherent thought

Ennui ensues
Wishing to change
The channel in my mind
To watch something else
Capitulating to writer’s block
Waiting for “The End.”

©ÀC Elliott, 2016


The graceful dance at twilight
In the cusp between light and dark
If you look closely, you’ll see a spark
Two flames igniting, burning bright

Watch closely as the forms sway
Dancing beneath the night sky
Leaving the ground, rising high
Up to where the stars array

Streaking like a comet
On a journey, they set sail
Weaving a wondrous trail
Ignorant of the long plummet

The graceful dance at twilight
Two flames igniting, burning bright
©AC Elliott, 2015


thumping, pumping
hearts beating together,
hands clenching, they sway in a dance
lips interlocked
tongues teasing each other
aching with needs and desires
clothes discarded
kicked off onto the floor
naked flesh pressed on naked flesh
needs, desires
explored and discovered until
© AC Elliott, 23-Oct-17

Written using Cinquain Swirl poetry form.

The Obsidian Embrace

Gray mists settle about his shoulders,
and he visibly shivers at the touch
of the smoke-like tendrils
tap, tap, tapping him softly,
seeking to be recognized for what it is,
his long lost friend, one he knows too well,
that all-consuming darkness
longing to wrap him completely
in its obsidian embrace.

He opens his mouth to speak
telling it to leave him be,
but the tendrils force themselves
into his mouth and down his throat.
Swallowing the darkness,
he can feel the parasitic nature
of its essence merging with his own
until the two have become one…
they are inseparable.

So, succumbing to the darkness,
he begins to withdraw inward.
His fortress of solitude is internal,
airtight, the castle walls built
by the meticulous hands of a master
intent on containing the beast
hidden in the dungeons of its core,
telling himself he is protecting
both himself and others.

He keeps pretty things on a fence
where they can catch a glimpse
of him from behind barred windows.
He’s nothing more than a dark form
offering an occasional glimpse,
his soul bared, open to them
whenever the drawbridge is down.
Only to find it shut tight
when attempting to enter.

He succumbs to the darkness within
allowing it to permeate his core
and surrenders to the obsidian embrace
that soothes the beast within him
like the sound of a sweet melody
sung just for him.
© AC Elliott

-Written sometime early 2018 and edited/posted on 9-May-18.