I Think I’m Done…For Now

Anyone that knows me, or has followed me for any length of time, know that I’m prone to taking extended breaks from blogging. These breaks typically start in the fall when my life ramps up with activity. It’s hard for me to balance writing along with everything else that goes on the latter half of the year. I’ve often had to admit to myself that I am not “superman” and that I can’t do everything, so I step away from writing/blogging for a few months.

I wish that were simply the case now, but it’s not…

It’s been a month since I have written/posted anything new, and that was a simple 7-line “Essence” poem on September 1st. Everything after that have been reposts of older pieces that I had written a long time back. To be honest, I am not trying to force the words. I haven’t even attempted to write anything new. Why? Because, the only words that have been coming to me are the ones you are reading right now.

I often wonder why I came back to write in March/April of this year after taking an extended break for several months. Even then, my heart really wasn’t in it anymore, and it hasn’t been for a long, long time. The words are forced and have begun to sound rote (and repetitive) to me. To alleviate that, I tried getting back into storytelling, but even that was escaping me. So, I tried my hand at writing personal essays, but, that…that just isn’t me.

At one time I thought writing was as natural as breathing for me and that it would be impossible for me to stop. I felt like it was an essential part of my life and that I would be lost without it. I’m beginning to think that I was wrong about that and other things as well.

That being said… while I will continue to be around to read and comment, I will be taking an extended break with no promise to return to writing. However, I have no plans on deleting/removing this site. I will keep it up just in case the urge to write ever strikes me again.

Take care,

AC Elliott, 1 Oct 18


23 thoughts on “I Think I’m Done…For Now”

  1. AC, I love your writing! I also understand the need to step back.
    We all have our times of doing things. We have to make sure that what we do makes us happy, not others. I am so glad you will still be around and that you will leave your blog open to post when the urge pushes you to do so!
    Enjoy your break. Do new things you have wanted to do. I will be watching for you! xx

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  2. Strangely enough, I have felt the same. I have written all my life, and wanted to become an author… however, of late, as I read my words, it feels like I’m looking at a completely different person. Strange indeed. Words seem to be foreign to me at the moment and its a moment I thought would never happen! The post you just read ‘Taken’, was my latest attempt, and that was remembering a flame. Connecting to him seemed to have sparked something, wonder if I’ve tapped into it again?? Yet, although I wrote that, the desire still dwindles… only time will tell for the both of us I guess. 😉

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  3. I completely relate to how you feel about taking a break from blogging. I took almost a year off, but then I started a new blog and it’s invigorated my writing and outlook. Each of us gets writer’s block, or even apathy towards writing from time to time. I think the challenge with blogging is that there isn’t an end to the story, so to speak.

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  4. I will miss you.
    Perhaps you are on the brink of a change in thinking or a mental growth spurt? You will come back renewed, recharged and ready to share. You have so much life experience and passion I can’t imagine you not sharing. I think you just need a rest. Resistance that blocks you will not last forever…let go of the resistant stance and just “be”. All my love~

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  5. I’ll miss you a lot. You always encouraged me to write to express myself so I’d like to say to you – I wish your break was very short and that you come back with even more beautiful writing very soon

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  6. Dear AC, I know that I miss you too, for what it’s worth. Probably not much at all. But as I’m sure was already said, you do what’s best for you. We know that forcing something doesn’t make it true. Like trying to make fantasy a reality and all that. Personally, I believe that you’ll come back to writing… I just think it’ll be a while and it might look very different. I really appreciate how you looked into and experimented with different types before coming to this conclusion. Exploring all avenues. Seems to fit your personality as far as I know it anyway. I wish for you peace and clarity, deep happiness and a calm light to your soul as you move down a different path. I hope that you’ll come back to us. And if you don’t, well, I still hope for nothing but beautiful wonderful things for you. You are worth it. ~tara

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  7. I can relate to this so much. I’ve taken breaks, up to a year in fact. The feeling of being repetitive, etc.
    Ive concluded, I’m a writer no doubt, but never one that will make a living out of creating stories, novels or poems for a living. Lol. I think creativity is a sweet spot, and perfect storm of mind body and soul. Sometimes we’re there and sometimes we’re not.
    Good luck to you ❤️

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