About me…

I’m from the US and I live in the South. I say things like “yes, ma’am” and “no ma’am”.  I wear boots, jeans and flannel shirts (when cold) and t-shirts when warm.  I drive a big truck and like to work with my hands.  But, I am also a professional businessman and can fit into that society as well, wearing my business suits and passing out business cards. Additionally, I own two businesses and work full time in Corporate America.  I love Blues music, country and Bluegrass, and play guitar, bass, and piano. I love the arts, like to draw when I can, and obviously write poetry (as well as stories).

I can be reached either through the blog, by email (crackedlensview@gmail.com) or on Kik Messenger under the user name crackedlensview.

Take care, enjoy your reading, and feedback (negative and positive are always welcome)…


AC Elliott