Sleep Beckons Me

Sleep beckons me
like a mistress crooking her finger
urging me to step closer
into her waiting embrace.
It is in that embrace
that I succumb to my darkness
letting it run rampant
like a sky void of all light
where not even a star
to light the way.

Sleep beckons me
like a mistress, waiting
to embrace me
and accept the darkness
© AC Elliott, 5-Dec-2017


Soulful Talk

I heard it-
your soul was speaking
with my own
it whispered to me your needs
and unexplored dreams

My soul spoke
and it answered yours
telling you
that I’m all
you need, and you will never
want for another

our souls, they took flight
and entwined
they soared high
up to the heavenly mist
and feared not, the fall.

© AC Elliott, 2016

Essence #64

Settle in to the deep
recesses of my mind,
pull up a pillow
and lay there,
bask in the light,
use my darkness,
wrap it around you
like a blanket.
Lose yourself in me
and let yourself go,
finding comfort and security
in knowing that it is me
holding you.
©AC Elliott, 16 Nov 2017

A Blossoming Rose

Sitting silent, I watch
as petals unfold and blossom
exposing the beauty nestled,
hidden within the bud.
It’s meant to be admired
accepted in its entirety-
even its flaws are beautiful.

It’s meant to be inhaled deeply
so that the sweet aroma
can seep deep into your soul
tugging at desires and needs
kept hidden away, safe
from those unwilling to accept
the beauty of who you truly are.

They fail to see there is beauty
in the thorns that draw blood
protecting the bud nestled inside
allowing it to flourish and grow
while it waits to be accepted
by someone that doesn’t fear
getting pricked by its thorns.
© AC Elliott, 2016