The Obsidian Embrace

Gray mists settle about his shoulders,
and he visibly shivers at the touch
of the smoke-like tendrils
tap, tap, tapping him softly,
seeking to be recognized for what it is,
his long lost friend, one he knows too well,
that all-consuming darkness
longing to wrap him completely
in its obsidian embrace.

He opens his mouth to speak
telling it to leave him be,
but the tendrils force themselves
into his mouth and down his throat.
Swallowing the darkness,
he can feel the parasitic nature
of its essence merging with his own
until the two have become one…
they are inseparable.

So, succumbing to the darkness,
he begins to withdraw inward.
His fortress of solitude is internal,
airtight, the castle walls built
by the meticulous hands of a master
intent on containing the beast
hidden in the dungeons of its core,
telling himself he is protecting
both himself and others.

He keeps pretty things on a fence
where they can catch a glimpse
of him from behind barred windows.
He’s nothing more than a dark form
offering an occasional glimpse,
his soul bared, open to them
whenever the drawbridge is down.
Only to find it shut tight
when attempting to enter.

He succumbs to the darkness within
allowing it to permeate his core
and surrenders to the obsidian embrace
that soothes the beast within him
like the sound of a sweet melody
sung just for him.
© AC Elliott

-Written sometime early 2018 and edited/posted on 9-May-18.


Essence #93

He longs to feel the curves of her soft flesh,
to trace her backside with the palm of his hand
slowly, soothingly, waiting for her to relax
muscles tight with anticipation,
waiting… for the time to be right,
to draw back his arm and bring his hand down,
palm striking the pale globes of her flesh,
watching it bounce, feeling the sting in his hand
as her cheeks turn red, yelps of pain changing,
turning into moans of pleasure, and the scent…
the scent of her arousal, knowing how wet she is,
it will rouse the beast within him,
awakening it from its slumber, hungry,
eager to devour and consume her completely.
© AC Elliott, 11-May-18

Essence #83

I saw the beast today.
His dark eyes showing signs of age,
exhausted, weary and tired,
yet, still burning bright, engaged
in the never-ending hunt.

I saw the beast today.
His beard showing signs of gray,
and his face, cracked and worn.
His youthfulness has gone away,
replaced by wisdom and age.

I saw the beast today.
He was staring back at me, my reflection
gazing from within the mirror,
a catalyst for introspection…
the lion is starting to show his age.
© AC Elliott, 30-Apr-18

The Beast Within

Have you seen the beast hidden deep within
The one that appears whenever you’re near
When his outer disguise begins wearing thin
Outwardly strong, while inside filled with fear
Worrying that you will see his defects
That you’ll run once the whole picture is clear
Knowing that he could not handle your reject
If you fear the beast hidden deep inside
That the love your eyes will no longer reflect
These are feelings he could not abide
But, if you’ve seen the inner beast with your sight
The demons that he tries so hard to hide
Then why is it, you don’t you run out of fright
But instead, you continue to hold on tight?

© AC Elliott, 2016

Written using a Sonnet poetry form.