Essence #70

You are the perfect offering
for my beast, and before we are through,
I will know
every inch of you,
devouring and consuming you,
covering and filling you
© AC Elliott, 5-Dec-2017


The Beast Within

Have you seen the beast hidden deep within
The one that appears whenever you’re near
When his outer disguise begins wearing thin
Outwardly strong, while inside filled with fear
Worrying that you will see his defects
That you’ll run once the whole picture is clear
Knowing that he could not handle your reject
If you fear the beast hidden deep inside
That the love your eyes will no longer reflect
These are feelings he could not abide
But, if you’ve seen the inner beast with your sight
The demons that he tries so hard to hide
Then why is it, you don’t you run out of fright
But instead, you continue to hold on tight?

© AC Elliott, 2016

Written using a Sonnet poetry form.


you hold the key
within your touch
to the cage
that is holding
the beast at bay

your fingertips
lightly caressing
my hot flesh
running gently
over my face

at your touch
my desire rages
and the beast
is unleashed
ready to openly roar

see the light flare
deep in my eyes
as my fingers slip
with your long hair

tilting your head
lifting your mouth
to my mouth
taste the passion
there on my lips

feel me grow hard
throbbing, pressed
against you
wanting you, needing
to claim you as my own

legs pushed apart
spreading for me
feel me enter you
your velvet embrace

hear me growl
into your mouth
as I throb
deep inside of you
buried in your depths

see the beast
in my eyes
feel him
in my touch, gripping
as I flow into you

mutual eruption
of desire
the beast can be soothed
only by your touch
on my fevered flesh
©AC Elliott

A Storm is Coming

I feel a storm brewing in my bones
a tempest of passion and desire
surging from deep within my core

It rages within, wanting to be known
with dark eyes now tinged with fire
my inner beast is ready to roar

It wants nothing more than to be free
from the walls built up inside of me
© AC Elliott, 9-Aug-2017