Succumb to your needs,
give in to your desires,
knowing that, at his feet,
is where you’re meant to be.
His to protect.
His to guide.
His to love.
Surrender, because you know
you are His and He is yours.
©AC Elliott, 14-Jul-18


Burning Desires (or Naked in Submission)

Heat wraps around her tightly
Enveloping her, turning her flesh bright
Red, tender from the burning
Desire radiating
Seeping out of her pores
Ignited by passion and needs
Recognized for the first time-
Everything seems somehow clearer
Sharper than ever before

Admitting those needs brought
Revelation! Revealing
Everything she had been missing.
Boldly, she’s taking that first step.
Unknown territory lies ahead.
Relying on another to meet
Needs that are so new and fresh
Is almost incomprehensible.
Needing to trust,
Giving that trust, is hard.

Her head reels, slightly
The sensations are almost
Too much to bear.
Energy, fueled by eroticism
Throughout her body.
Her nerves are firing,
All cylinders working
Needing to find a release.

The need to feel His hand
His touch, on her hot flesh
Eclipses all other needs.
Giving herself to Him completely,
Letting go of that control,
Allowing Him to claim her,
Rightfully owning
Every bit of her body.
Oh, how those needs
Flood her with desire.

Accepting this side of herself
Made the world seem right
In her eyes, at last.
Down deep she can feel
Dancing butterflies,
A mixture of nerves,
Yearning, desire and love.
She longs for His touch to become
Undone, no longer hidden-
Naked in her submission.

© AC Elliott, Repost of an older piece on 12-Jun-18

Essence #102

His mind is steeped in dreams
of possible impossibilities,
mixed with heavy doses
of both fantasy and reality,
topped off with desire,
while his passion bubbles,
rising to the top
only to evaporate
like a cloud of steam
from a hot cup of coffee.
© AC Elliott, 24-May-18