Tickling Tongues of Blue

Flames rage, burning hot, tickling tongues of blue
Bodies caught in the heat of sinful desire
Sweat pouring out fast, soaking them through and through
Feeling the pain and pleasure of passion’s fire
They grip one another and grasping, hold tight
Fearing to let the other out of their sight
Though the desire may serve to drive them insane
Losing the other would bring about too much pain

©AC Elliott, 2014

*Written in Strambotto Romagnuolo poetry form


Dance With Me

Dance with me, beneath the moonlight
feel the darkness, embracing us
tugging at hidden desires.

Dance with me, beneath the moonlight
let the moonbeams caress you
softly, with its light fingered touch.

Dance with me, beneath the moonlight
body against body, flesh against flesh
while I taste the passion, there, on your lips.

Dance with me, beneath the moonlight
and, surrender to the darkness within.

©AC Elliott, The Cracked Lens View, 2016

The Mask (Hidden Secrets)

donned and in place, the mask
seemingly fragile, ready to crack
and shatter into a million pieces
revealing to all what lay beneath
~hidden secrets~
exposed and on display
darkness brought forth into the light
to be searched, rifled through
by grimy hands intent on finding
~dirty secrets~
to be strung out on a wire
soiled, flimsy undergarments
used as a ruse, a mere distraction
so the searchers can keep hidden
~their own secrets~
which cause them to wear a mask
seemingly fragile, ready to crack
the cycle never ends
© AC Elliott, 2016