Essence #137

I can imagine her scent
permeating the air,
and, it fills my mind with images
of her loving embrace.
© AC Elliott


The Embrace of the Sea

The pocket watch fits perfectly in his hand
A relic, passed down from times long past
Time that slips away, like hourglass sand
Before he knew it, the time had passed
Gone, was his chance at knowing her love
She slipped away, where she was meant to be
To the arms of the Heavenly Father above
Leaving him, with just his love for the sea

Closing the watch, he walks out on the sand
His heart beating hard, and beating fast
Try as he might, he just can’t understand
Why he couldn’t let go of the past
For thirty five years he pined for lost love
Always looking skyward, hoping to see
Her beautiful face, looking down from above
Instead, he’s left, with just his love for the sea

Feeling he’d taken all that he could stand
Thinking about all the time that had passed
He reached up to heaven with an open hand
Praying to be taken, and taken fast
At last receiving an answer from above
As the waves crashed hard around his knees
He felt his legs give with a forceful shove
She embraced him with his love for the sea

© AC Elliott, 2014 (posted on 18-May-18)

Sleep Beckons Me

Sleep beckons me
like a mistress crooking her finger
urging me to step closer
into her waiting embrace.
It is in that embrace
that I succumb to my darkness
letting it run rampant
like a sky void of all light
where not even a star
to light the way.

Sleep beckons me
like a mistress, waiting
to embrace me
and accept the darkness
© AC Elliott, 5-Dec-2017