My Offering

Meet me beneath a shade tree
Your eyes alight with primal desire
Once you’re there and close to me
Feel the flames of the smoldering fire
Fiercely beginning to ignite, burning bright
Embers of passion flowing from me to you
Radiating, carressing you soft and light
Illicit meetings with mutual moans and sighs
Needing your touch while you look in my eyes
Get down on your knees and drink my offering

©AC Elliott, 17-Jul-18


Drops So Sweet

Drops, so sweet
Fall on the tip
Of my tongue
Succulent in taste
Tantalizing my senses
Leaving me filled with desire
Wanting even more
Of that sweet nectar
Coating my lips
Teasing my tongue
With its sensual delight
So, I clamp my lips
Around the soft flesh
And run my tongue along
The oh so sweet

©AC Elliott, 16-Jul-18 (2015)