Essence #151

The sun beating down,
it pales in comparison
to the burning heat,
passion flowing through his veins
when he’s lost in thoughts of her.
©AC Elliott, 31-Aug-18

Written in Tanka poetry form.


Essence #150

He longs for the feel
of her soft lips, encircling,
wrapping his taut flesh,
drinking from him,
draining his essence,
and swallowing his offering,
unnoticed by the passerbys
out for an afternoon stroll

©AC Elliott

Chin Deep

Drowning in the muck, mire
piled up to my chin
I should have worn waders
with all the shit that I’m in
Just a bit of a fun way to relieve some stress. No other writing coming today, or probably tomorrow either. I have a lot of work and heavy meetings taking up my time. So, while I will be reading, I won’t be back until later this week with some more pieces.

Until then…

© AC Elliott, 15-Aug-18