Essence #70

You are the perfect offering
for my beast, and before we are through,
I will know
every inch of you,
devouring and consuming you,
covering and filling you
© AC Elliott, 5-Dec-2017


Essence #69

Body draped across my knees
let me see your ass raised high
feel your flesh beneath my
as I explore your curves
tracing them lightly
watching as goosebumps form
hearing your breath catch
the feel of my firm hand
as I give you
what you want, what you need
while relishing the gift
found in your submission
© AC Elliott, 1-Dec-2017

The Beast Within

Have you seen the beast hidden deep within
The one that appears whenever you’re near
When his outer disguise begins wearing thin
Outwardly strong, while inside filled with fear
Worrying that you will see his defects
That you’ll run once the whole picture is clear
Knowing that he could not handle your reject
If you fear the beast hidden deep inside
That the love your eyes will no longer reflect
These are feelings he could not abide
But, if you’ve seen the inner beast with your sight
The demons that he tries so hard to hide
Then why is it, you don’t you run out of fright
But instead, you continue to hold on tight?

© AC Elliott, 2016

Written using a Sonnet poetry form.