Essence #121

Her name is poetic,
rolling off his tongue
like a refrain,
driving home
the beauty of her soul.
©AC Elliott, 1-Jul-18


Essence #106

Her face down and ass up,
he plays her body
composing a musical masterpiece.
The sound of her whimpers
and tremble in her voice
is a sweet song of desire
that builds up tempo
to reach passion’s high pitches.
He is pleased.
©AC Elliott, 7-Jun-18

7 Days, 7 Black & White Photos – Day 3

Even though I haven’t posted pictures on this blog very much and I don’t usually partake in “awards”, etc., this looked like something fun to do. So, I figured…why not?

I was nominated by Caribou Crossings.

The pictures are to contain no people and no explanations. Also, I’m supposed to nominate some new each day. However, I am going to leave that open for anyone that wants to take part in it.

AC Elliott, 6-Dec-17