7 Days, 7 Black & White Photos – Day 3

Even though I haven’t posted pictures on this blog very much and I don’t usually partake in “awards”, etc., this looked like something fun to do. So, I figured…why not?

I was nominated by Caribou Crossings.

The pictures are to contain no people and no explanations. Also, I’m supposed to nominate some new each day. However, I am going to leave that open for anyone that wants to take part in it.

AC Elliott, 6-Dec-17


Essence #43

He longs to make music,
to hear the sound
of her moans
as they fall into a perfect rhythm
with his hand striking,
beating a heavy tattoo
on her ass—
it is a sublime
musical composition.
© AC Elliott, 6-Oct-17

Written using the Free Verse poetry form.