Essence #70

You are the perfect offering
for my beast, and before we are through,
I will know
every inch of you,
devouring and consuming you,
covering and filling you
© AC Elliott, 5-Dec-2017


The Perfect Sacrifice

She lays there bound, ready,
naked, exposed and on display,
with her soft curves rising and falling
in time to her breathing.
I can hear her whimpers,
watching as her lips move
while she is begging, pleading
to be taken, used and marked.

She lays there bound and ready,
for my hungry eyes to roam,
my fingers to explore,
my mouth to devour,
my cock to fill,
my hands to mark her,
lead her and guide her
into the abyss she desires.

She lays there on the altar
bound and ready,
the perfect sacrifice,
serving as an offering
for my inner beast
and He is pleased.
© AC Elliott, 6-Nov-17

Written using Free Verse poetry form.

Control Relinquished

Hands bound
Securely and tightly.
Your offering,
boldly trusting heart and mind.
Your desires fulfilled in pleasures found.
You surprisingly, willingly
Surrendered and relinquished
Relinquished and surrendered willingly,
surprisingly you found pleasures
in fulfilled desires.
Your mind and heart trusting,
boldly offering
your tightly and securely
bound hands.
©AC Elliott, 2014

** Written in Palindrome poetry form