Essence #109

He longs to see her
kneeling, wrists bound
behind her back with his belt,
while waiting, silently begging
with a look of pure hunger
radiating from her eyes.
© AC Elliott, 13-Jun-18


Essence #106

Her face down and ass up,
he plays her body
composing a musical masterpiece.
The sound of her whimpers
and tremble in her voice
is a sweet song of desire
that builds up tempo
to reach passion’s high pitches.
He is pleased.
©AC Elliott, 7-Jun-18

Essence #102

His mind is steeped in dreams
of possible impossibilities,
mixed with heavy doses
of both fantasy and reality,
topped off with desire,
while his passion bubbles,
rising to the top
only to evaporate
like a cloud of steam
from a hot cup of coffee.
© AC Elliott, 24-May-18

Essence #93

He longs to feel the curves of her soft flesh,
to trace her backside with the palm of his hand
slowly, soothingly, waiting for her to relax
muscles tight with anticipation,
waiting… for the time to be right,
to draw back his arm and bring his hand down,
palm striking the pale globes of her flesh,
watching it bounce, feeling the sting in his hand
as her cheeks turn red, yelps of pain changing,
turning into moans of pleasure, and the scent…
the scent of her arousal, knowing how wet she is,
it will rouse the beast within him,
awakening it from its slumber, hungry,
eager to devour and consume her completely.
© AC Elliott, 11-May-18