Sleep Beckons Me

Sleep beckons me
like a mistress crooking her finger
urging me to step closer
into her waiting embrace.
It is in that embrace
that I succumb to my darkness
letting it run rampant
like a sky void of all light
where not even a star
to light the way.

Sleep beckons me
like a mistress, waiting
to embrace me
and accept the darkness
© AC Elliott, 5-Dec-2017


Essence #69

Body draped across my knees
let me see your ass raised high
feel your flesh beneath my
as I explore your curves
tracing them lightly
watching as goosebumps form
hearing your breath catch
the feel of my firm hand
as I give you
what you want, what you need
while relishing the gift
found in your submission
© AC Elliott, 1-Dec-2017

Carnal Delight

He closed his eyes, losing himself
to the sound of her voice
echoing in his mind,
remembering the way her moans
and expletives
fell deftly off her tongue.
As the memory of her moans
reached a crescendo
he realized, they were in time
with the tempo of his heartbeat
and, his own moans
slipped loudly from his lips
just as she peaked,
joining together,
in a song of carnal delight.
© AC Elliott, 28-Nov-2017