The Patient Man (Part 2)

Paul couldn’t help but admire the view as he approached her. The way she was spread open for him was so inviting, and in many ways, quite distracting. It would be easy to just relent, and admit defeat, just to be inside of her. But, he could be just as stubborn as she was intent on being, besides…it wasn’t a part of the plan.

Stay focused, he thought to himself, this is going to be a long, fun night.

As he stepped up to her, he ran his fingers lightly over her exposed ass cheeks. He smiled, tracing the red welts gently with his fingertips, and watched the fire get brighter in her eyes. Their time had started much earlier in the evening, even before they had entered the room at all. In fact, her being in the swing was the second part of the night.

While they were becoming more comfortable being in each other’s presence, up until that evening, there had been no impact play at all. Not that he hadn’t wanted there to be any, they just took their time building up to that moment. Their days had been spent getting to know one another, and take in the local sights, while their nights had been spent getting to know one another on a more intimate level.

Then, what had started as heavy petting during an early evening quickie, escalated to another level entirely when he had smacked her bare ass playfully. That one smack had flipped a switch in them both, igniting their desire for much more. He could still see the look in her eyes after that first smack, and how she arched her back, raising her backside up for more.

He had been more than willing to oblige too, bringing his hand down on the other cheek tentatively testing the water. The look she threw him had said volumes, more than anything she could have said verbally. More, harder, the fiery look read as she wiggled her ass seductively, and that was all he needed to know.

Soon after, Paul was beating a steady tattoo on her round cheeks, watching them turn red as her yelps of pain turned to moans of pleasure. He loved the feel of her flesh beneath the palm of his hand, and the resulting sting from each hard smack. The smell of her arousal permeated the room as moisture began forming on her folds.

Pausing, he slipped his long fingers between her folds, and sheathed them in her velvet embrace with a single thrust. The urge to take her right then had been overwhelming to say the least, especially when he felt her clasp hard around his fingers. However, she must have seen the glint in his eyes when she looked over her shoulder at him.

“The room,” was all she said, and they both knew what that meant.

Now, here she was, bound and spread on the swing she had lovingly caressed just a couple days prior when she was shown the room for the first time. They had discussed this room many times over the past several months as he was getting it setup. Their safe word was long established. It was to be their escape, where reality was put on hold and left at the door, even if only for the time they were immersed in one another.

“Are you ready?” Paul asked her, running his fingers along her inner thigh.

(To be continued)

© AC Elliott, 14-Aug-18


The Patient Man (Part 1)

Paul had been waiting for this moment for quite some time. The moment that seemed to never come, when he would be able to spend some quality time with her. They had talked about it for months on end, even planned it several times, but nothing ever came to fruition. Life kept getting in the way, and the miles between them seemed to stretch into an eternity.

Now, there they were, in the spare room of his old farmhouse. One that he had specially designed for an occasion such as this. It had been sitting empty, waiting for her to arrive. He had everything meticulously in place, ready and waiting.

Truth be told, they hadn’t immediately rushed into the room when she first arrived. Although that would have been interesting and fun, they didn’t make use of the room until the third day of her stay with him. The first couple of days were spent enjoying each other’s company and building up to this moment. After all, there was no reason to rush things.

“There’s a time for everything,” he said to himself, viewing her from across the room.

There she was, sitting in the swing, with her legs spread wide, bared and open to his viewing. He had tied her hands behind her back, leaving her swinging in the middle of the room while he opened a chest kept at the end of the bed. From within the chest, he began pulling a variety of implements and toys, until he found the ones he was looking for.

Satisfied, he crossed back over to where she was bound. There was a defiant look in her eyes, and he liked that. She had said that she wouldn’t beg, and he knew that she meant it. Yet, he wondered, who would break first? Would she relent and beg, or would he give in to his own base desires? Only time would tell, and he was a patient man.

© AC Elliott, 13-Aug-18

My Offering

Meet me beneath a shade tree
Your eyes alight with primal desire
Once you’re there and close to me
Feel the flames of the smoldering fire
Fiercely beginning to ignite, burning bright
Embers of passion flowing from me to you
Radiating, carressing you soft and light
Illicit meetings with mutual moans and sighs
Needing your touch while you look in my eyes
Get down on your knees and drink my offering

©AC Elliott, 17-Jul-18

Sweet Devotion

Along my
Hardening shaft
Letting me feel your
Tongue tickling underneath
Tracing the vein running from
Base to the bulbous top, slowly.
Then part your lips, gently pulling me
Into the warmth of your succulent mouth.
Wrap your hand around my hard, throbbing shaft
Pumping slowly as you take me deep
Swallowing all that you can take.
Look up at me. Then, My pet,
I want to see your eyes,
Your sweet devotion,
In wanting to
Take it

© AC Elliott, 30-Jun-18 (Originally Written July 2015)

* Written in Double Etheree poetry form


Let me discover
the taste of your sighs
exploring the valley
nestled between your thighs,
grasp my head, hold tight
I can do this…all night.

As my tongue snakes in
and laps up your cream
gyrate your hips and grind,
don’t hold back your scream
make a mess all over the place
then, afterwards, lick it from my face.

Let me discover
the taste of your sighs
as I lap up the sweet nectar
flowing between your thighs…
© AC Elliott, 28-Jun-18