Burning Desires (or Naked in Submission)

Heat wraps around her tightly
Enveloping her, turning her flesh bright
Red, tender from the burning
Desire radiating
Seeping out of her pores
Ignited by passion and needs
Recognized for the first time-
Everything seems somehow clearer
Sharper than ever before

Admitting those needs brought
Revelation! Revealing
Everything she had been missing.
Boldly, she’s taking that first step.
Unknown territory lies ahead.
Relying on another to meet
Needs that are so new and fresh
Is almost incomprehensible.
Needing to trust,
Giving that trust, is hard.

Her head reels, slightly
The sensations are almost
Too much to bear.
Energy, fueled by eroticism
Throughout her body.
Her nerves are firing,
All cylinders working
Needing to find a release.

The need to feel His hand
His touch, on her hot flesh
Eclipses all other needs.
Giving herself to Him completely,
Letting go of that control,
Allowing Him to claim her,
Rightfully owning
Every bit of her body.
Oh, how those needs
Flood her with desire.

Accepting this side of herself
Made the world seem right
In her eyes, at last.
Down deep she can feel
Dancing butterflies,
A mixture of nerves,
Yearning, desire and love.
She longs for His touch to become
Undone, no longer hidden-
Naked in her submission.

© AC Elliott, Repost of an older piece on 12-Jun-18


A Sticky Situation (Part 11) (Mature 18+)

Spreading her cheeks, I watched as the lubricant rolled over her rosebud of an anus. Slowly, I began massaging the liquid around her asshole, and then gingerly I pressed my index finger into her tight hole. She moaned as my finger slid into the first knuckle. Pulling it back slowly, I applied more lube and began working it around her sphincter.

I slowly stretched her asshole, starting with my index finger and then adding another finger as she relaxed and became accustomed to the invasion. Throughout the entire time, she alternated between moaning in pleasure and begging me to stop. She tried to wiggle away from me once, but a quick smack on her already sore ass brought her back in line quickly.

When I felt she was ready, I stepped behind her, holding the butt plug between my fingers. I eyed her asshole, and then looked at the butt plug. Having another idea, I dropped the butt plug to the floor and squirted lube into my hand. Wrapping my hand around my hard cock, I massaged the oil into my skin, making me slick and ready. Once I was ready, I flipped her over onto her back roughly so that she was laying on top of her bound hands.

“Oh, no, Todd… please, no,” she said as her eyes growing large as saucers when they beheld my shiny, slick cock.

Shoving her a little further onto the bed, I spread her legs and stepped between them. Pinning her legs with my shoulders, I guided my cockhead to her slick asshole and pressed it against her. She was mewling like a cat in heat as I firmly pressed my cockhead against her asshole, and slowly began pushing into her.

“Look at me,” I growled when she tried to look away.

Her head snapped back, locking eyes with mine. I wanted to see her eyes as I continued to push into her rectum. Before it was all said and done, I wanted her to realize exactly who was in charge in this house, and it certainly wasn’t her.

Chelsea’s mouth opened wide as the crown of my cockhead slipped past her sphincter ring. I felt her muscles snap around my shaft and grip me as tight as a vise. Pausing, I let her get accustomed my thick cock being in her rear passage. When I thought she was ready, I began pushing slowly into her, taking my time and pausing as needed in order for her to be ready for more.

Throughout the entire time, she kept her eyes locked on mine. Keeping her legs pinned by with my shoulders, I reached down and grabbed her nipples between the fingers of each hand. Pinching them between my digits, I twisted and pulled on them. Enflamed by the look of pure lust that entered her eyes, I pushed all the way into her, filling her young ass with my hard cock.

“Oh my g-g-g-awd,” she moaned, licking her lips as I continued to assault her nipples with my fingers.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Chelsea,” I told her calmly, hearing a satisfying assent of a moan slip from her mouth.

I began slowly at first, pulling back until I could feel the crown being held by her asshole. When I was almost all the way out, I began pushing back inside of her slowly, pulling on her nipples as I slid deep into rear end. Continuing this way for several strokes, I savored the slow feel of her tight asshole as my cock slid in and out of her.

Satisfied that she used to my thick rod being in her rear passage, I began increasing the pace of my strokes. I ramped it up slowly, enjoying the feeling of bottoming out in her rear end repeatedly. Her moans grew louder and longer with each hard thrust, it was like her moans were urging me to take her harder and faster. I did so with no problem what-so-ever, continuing to thrust into her until I was a blur of movement.

Releasing her nipples, I grabbed her legs and spread them as wide as I could possibly get them. Looking down, I watched as my hard cock slid effortlessly into her asshole repeatedly. Her body bounced with each hard thrust, her breasts waving in small circles as I assaulted her rear end. The closer I got to my pending orgasm, the harder I thrust into, until the sounds emanating from her turned from moans to screams of pleasure.

“Who’s in control?” I growled at her.

“Oh, fuck, you are…” she moaned.

“Who is going to be a good girl?” I asked her breathlessly as I bottomed out in her ass.

“I am, fuck, I will do whatever you say… just don’t stop…” she pleaded.

Releasing her right leg, I reached between us and began rubbing her clit hard. I listened to her screams as they continued to get louder, signaling her impending orgasm. Thrusting deep into her as hard as I could, I held myself there just as she began thrashing her head, her young body wracked with orgasmic bliss. As her asshole tightened around my thick shaft, I exploded, filling her rear end with spurts of my hot seed.

“Oooooh,” she cried out as I dumped load after load into her tight ass.

As my orgasm subsided, I pulled out of her rear end with a satisfying “pop”. Collapsing on the vacant chair, I watched as my young trussed up lover lay panting on the bed. After resting for a few seconds, I stood up, flipped her over onto her stomach and undid the ropes binding her hands.

“Get out of here,” I ordered. “Don’t you ever, ever, think of doing what you did to me again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she moaned, her eyes blinking back tears as she slowly made her way to the door.

“Oh, and Chelsea,” I said.


“I expect you to be in my room every morning for the next week. When you come in, I want you to drop your drawers and bend over my knees. Then I will spank you, and if you are a good girl, I might even let you cum. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she mewled, tears running down her cheeks as she left my room.

“Now,” I said aloud to myself. “What to do about the other ladies in the house…”
(To be continued)

A Sticky Situation (Part 10) (Mature 18+)

“Get off,” I mumbled into the pussy that was still firmly against my mouth.

Somehow I managed to maintain a solid grip on her hair with my right hand as she scooted her cute ass off of my face. Struggling slightly, I managed to sit up, yanking her to the foot of the bed. Holding her there, I demanded that she undo the bindings on my feet. Reluctantly, and partly because I was dragging her, she climbed onto the lower portion of the bed and undid the bindings holding my feet.

The first thing I did with my free hand was dislodge the damned butt plug from my rectum. All of the moving was making me more than a little uncomfortable and it just had to go. Grasping it with my fingers, I pushed slightly with my anal muscles and popped it right out. It felt good sliding out of my sphincter, and I couldn’t help but moan slightly when it slipped past my sphincter ring.

The next thing to go was the cock ring. Not that I minded it, but I was ready to cum and it was preventing me from doing so. Pulling Chelsea by the hair, I drug her to the side of the bed, and forced her head down until she was eye level with my throbbing cock. Wrapping my left hand around my shaft, I began pumping myself furiously, keeping my cockhead firmly pressed against the side of her face.

“Open wide, Chelsea,” I growled. “Or else I am just going to cum all over your pretty little face.”

She did as commanded, opening her mouth wide and accepting my cock between her lips. No sooner had my cockhead slipped into her mouth, than I began to cum. It felt so good to unload my heavy balls into her mouth as she struggled to swallow the seemingly never ending stream of cum. Yet somehow she managed to swallow every bit of it.

When I was finished unloading myself into her throat, I pulled my still hard cock out of her mouth and slapped it against her face. Holding her hair tightly with my fingers, I slapped her face with cock several more times. Tiring of that game, I pulled her off the bed and onto her feet. I was angry, and even more so, I was tired of the games she and the other women of her family were playing with me.

“Lean over the bed,” I ordered her, as she lay face first on the bed, “and put your hands behind your back.”

When her hands were at the small of her back, I grabbed her wrists roughly with my left hand. Holding her tightly in place, I finally released my hold on her hair. Grabbing up the rope that had previously bound my feet, I tied her hands tightly behind her back. The knots were so interwoven and tight, there was no way she was going to break free. Unlike her daddy, I really did know how to tie a knot.

“Now,” I stated matter-of-factly, “this is more like it.”

“What are you going to do to me?” Chelsea began to sob.

“Hmmm… what was it you said a little while ago?” I asked sarcastically. “Oh, yes. I remember now. ‘You and I are going to have soooo much fun today.’ Well, at least I am…”

I left her lying on the bed, face down, with her hands tied behind her back and went to search in my dresser drawer. Smiling, I pulled out my old hairbrush. It was just what I needed. With the long wood handle, and wood backing, it made the perfect paddle. Now, it was time to punish her for her little games.

“Oh, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea,” I said soothingly, as her eyes grew large as saucers when she saw the makeshift paddle. “You know what your problem is?”

“What?” she sobbed, as I stepped closer to her caressing the wooden brush.

“You are spoiled,” I replied. “You have never, ever, been properly disciplined.”

“Ohhh, god,” she began to cry, tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Don’t worry, little girl,” I soothed, patting her plump rump with my hand. “I will take care of that little problem you have. When I am done, you will be begging for me to let you be my good little girl.”

Helping her to a standing position, I half walked, half drug her to the chair she was previously sitting in. I sat down in the chair, and patted my knees expectantly. I am not sure if she was confused, or trying to be flippant, but instead of lying over my knees she tried to sit on them. As she cuddled up to my neck, batting her once more innocent looking eyes, I once more grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back.

“Bend your pretty ass over my knees, now,” I growled. “Or, it will only be worse for you.”

She yelped as I released her hair, jumping up and quickly coming to stand next to my legs. I helped her bend her upper body over my knee, her abdomen draped over me. I could feel her soft breasts on the side of my leg, and my semi-erect cock was pressed firmly against her side.

I’ll admit, it was a bit awkward at first, but I was determined to make it work. Pulling her tied hand up slightly, to get them out of the way, I surveyed her plump ass. It looked so inviting to me, just begging for me to begin spanking it. Placing the brush on the small of her back, I caressed her ass lightly with my bare hand, feeling her firmness and exploring her soft mound of flesh.

When she was least expecting it, I pulled my hand back and brought it down hard on her exposed cheek hard. Once again she yelped, but this time in pain, as I drew my hand back and smacked her again on the other cheek. I continued on this way for several minutes, smacking her ass with my bare hand and then caressing it. At some point tears actually began flowing from her eyes, as she begged me to please stop.

When my own hand began to sting, I stopped. Her ass had red welts, and raised areas in the shape of my large hand. Throughout the entire time I hadn’t spoken a single word to her. My only focus was on spanking her ass, and feeling myself becoming more turned on by it with each smack on her ass. Her soft side felt so good against my erect, pulsating cock. But, I wasn’t ready to fuck her just yet.

“Tell me,” I said to her, once more caressing her ass. “Tell me, that you have been bad and deserve this.”

“I have been bad,” she sobbed.

“And…” I pressed.

“…and nothing,” she cried out defiantly.

I picked up the brush from the small of her back, hefted it in my hand, getting a good feel for the makeshift paddle. Rubbing it against her exposed cheeks, I gave her one more chance to admit that she deserved the spanking she was receiving. When it didn’t come, I pulled my hand back and brought the paddle down hard against her ass.

The paddle made a soft “whirr” as it flew through the air, followed by a solid “thwack” as the wood struck her ass. I watched as her cheek bounced from the impact, and listened as she cried out in pain. Then I pulled it back and whacked the other cheek just as hard. If I thought she was crying before, she was now crying hysterically, trying to pull away from my legs.

Grabbing her roughly with my left hand, I yanked her back, hard against me. Now she was really fighting it, but I wasn’t going to give her an inch of wiggle room to escape. Still trying to keep her hands out of the way, I brought the paddle down on her ass several times in succession, alternating between both cheeks.

“Say it,” I growled, pausing briefly.

“I am a bad girl, and I deserve to be punished,” she cried out.

“Very good,” I replied soothingly, resting the paddle against her ass and rubbing it in small circles. “Now, tell me thank you for the punishment.”

“Th-th-thank you,” she managed to stutter out.

“Thank you, what?” I prodded, rubbing her ass a little harder with the paddle.

“Th-thank you for punishing me, sir, and I deserved it,” she replied, sucking the tears and snot back into her nose.

“Very good,” I replied again. “See, that wasn’t so hard. Was it?”

I helped her stand up, and then led her back to the bed. Pushing her forward, I had her once again lay face down on the bed. Grabbing up the lubricant, and butt plug, I eyed her red ass thoughtfully. Picking up a discarded t-shirt, I wiped the butt plug clean, and stepped up behind her.

“Now, how did this work again? Oh yeah, I remember now,” I said, as I squirted the lube between her asscheeks.

(To be continued)

A Sticky Situation (Part 9) (Mature 18+)

While I may not have struggled when she was shaving me, I definitely began to struggle when she climbed between my legs holding the lubricant and butt plug. The last thing I wanted was that thing being shoved into my ass. So, I began thrashing around as much as possible, trying to make it difficult for her to achieve her goal. What I didn’t count on was just how resourceful, and determined, Chelsea was.

She straddled my waist, facing away from me, with her pussy pressed hard against the underside of my cock. I wouldn’t have thought she would be able to restrain me, but I was surprised at just how strong her legs were when she tightened her legs around my waist. It felt like I was locked in vise grip, as she dribbled the lubricant on her fingers and began rubbing it around my anus.

Her fingers deftly worked my asshole, pushing inwards and stretching me slowly, almost lovingly. I hate to admit it, but my cock grew ten times harder every time her nimble fingers penetrated my sphincter. After a while, I just relaxed and let her continue her probing, shamefully moaning as she rubbed her pussy lips up and down my hard shaft while fingering my asshole.

She must have felt I was lubed up enough, because I suddenly felt the hard tip of the rubber butt plug press against my asshole. I bit my lip and cursed to keep from struggling as she slowly inserted the toy into my ass. To say that I had never felt so stretched before would be an understatement. It felt like I was being invaded by the largest object imaginable. Thankfully she took her time, and once it worked past my sphincter ring it was a little more tolerable.

“There,” she cooed, patting the butt plug playfully. “Now, don’t try to push it out, or I will just have to put it back in… and I promise I won’t be nearly as gentle the next time. Ok?”

When I didn’t answer her straightaway, she tapped the butt plug hard and repeated her question. That time I answered, not wanting the invading object to inadvertently be pushed too far inward. Kneeling, she grabbed my hard shaft and pulled my cockhead towards her moist opening.

“If you behave,” she said, looking over her shoulder at me. “I will let you have more of this.”

With that, she slid down my shaft, wrapping my hard cock with her tight, wet pussy. It felt fantastic, having her squatting over me, her ass pointed in my direction as she began slowly riding my rigid cock. She bounced on my several times, bottoming out hard on me, all the while playing with the butt plug she had firmly pressed into my rectum.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “God, you feel so good inside of me. When I let you cum, it will be fantastic.”

Once again she brought me close to the brink of cumming, and then popped off my cock. My shaft twitched in the air, still ready to explode. She wrapped her fingers hard around the base, squeezing me and holding me until the urge to cum passed.

“Not yet, Todd,” she laughed wickedly.

Dismounting me, she stepped over to the array of toys and picked up the cock ring. Using the natural lubricant of her pussy juices on my still slick cock, she slid the ring in place. The closer to the base of my cock it got, the tighter it felt. She was doing everything she could to keep me hard and from cumming when she didn’t want me too.

Next she picked up the candle and the lighter. My eyes grew wide as she lit the candle and once more straddled me. This time with her ass on my chest, with her pussy pressed hard against my flesh, leaving a trail of juices as she slid up my body until her beautiful cunt was pressed against my face.

“Eat me,” she demanded.

I did as commanded, snaking my tongue into her folds and lapping up her juices. She must have sensed my inability to dive in as much as she wanted because she scooted back and pressed her pussy hard against my probing tongue. Now having full access to her young cunt, I began sucking and licking at her earnestly. Partly because I wanted to taste her juices when she had an orgasm on my face, and partly because I was hoping by doing so she would let this end quicker.

With my tongue deeply buried inside of her, I felt the first bit of hot wax fall on my raw ballsack. My scream of pain was muffled by her pressing even harder against my face. The more I fought, the more wax she dropped on my sensitive balls. The pain was intense, and I felt great relief when the wax stopped falling and she began blowing gently on my balls.

Throughout all of this she continued to rub her pussy back and forth on my mouth, as she neared her own orgasm. I was experiencing a mixture of pain and pleasure that I had never experienced before. With each bit of pain I pulled hard at my restraints, until finally I felt the binding on my right wrist begin to give some.

While she continued to ride my face and drop wax on my balls, I worked at my right wrist, pulling and shifting it. I was beginning to become doubtful that I was going to ever break free. However, when she began cumming on my open mouth, and her juices began covering my face, it finally slipped free. She sat up straight, threw her head back and moaned loudly. While she was lost in her rapture, I managed to undo the other binding just enough to slip my left hand out.

When I reached up and grabbed her hair with both hands… she screamed…

(To be continued)

A Sticky Situation (Part 8) (Mature 18+)

Janet and I had already eaten supper, so I decided it would be best to stay to my part of the house the rest of the night. My head was doing flip-flops as I wondered if I were imagining things, or if I really had something to worry about. In the end, I decided it was just my imagination. After all, what could an 18 year old girl do to me that I couldn’t handle?

“Todd,” I heard Janet call up the stairs.


“Why don’t you come down and join us? The girls have made us some drinks. It is safe to come down, no one will bite you.”

I heard titters of laughter coming from the twins, obviously sharing in some inside joke. Deciding it wouldn’t due to be stand-offish, I went ahead and joined them. I found a mug of Hot Toddy waiting for me when I got there. Surprisingly it was actually decent.

Shortly after we finished drinks, I was suddenly feeling even more exhausted than I had been feeling. I was beginning to wonder if I were coming down with something, as tired as I had been lately. Bidding my good nights, I lumbered back up to my room, disrobed and collapsed on my bed.

“Why is the world spinning so much?” I asked myself just before I passed out.


I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache. The sun was shining through my open curtain and I wondered how it had gotten opened. I remembered closing it the morning before. When I tried to bring my hand to my eyes, I found that I couldn’t move it. In fact, I couldn’t move either of them, nor my legs. That was when I noticed the ropes binding me to headboard and footboard.

“Good morning, lover boy,” I heard Chelsea say from the corner of my room.

I turned my head to see her sitting in the chair that I usually sit on to put my shoes on in the morning. She was completely naked, pinching her nipples between her fingers and pulling on them, hard. I hate to admit it, but the sight of her stretching her nipples out as far as she could had an immediate effect on me. My cock began to twitch reflexively, growing to its fully erect state.

“Chelsea,” I growled, pulling at my arms and legs fruitlessly.

“Oh, you aren’t going anywhere,” Chelsea said with a wicked grin. “One thing my daddy taught me, was how to tie a knot.”

“Your daddy?” I asked, shaking my head. “You mean…”

“Yeah, the oily bastard may be a queer, but he was my queer.” Chelsea snarled. “Then mama left him, and brought us here. I thought, wow, a new man to break in. Things were going so well too, before mama got in the way again.”

“Got in the way?” I replied hesitantly, wondering what she may have done with Janet.

“Oh, don’t worry about her,” Chelsea said, standing up and crossing to my bed. “She is fine. She is working right now. Oblivious to what is going on here. You on the other hand, well…”

Her hand caressed my chest, running down my abdomen until she reached my crotch. She ran her fingers through my thick mass of pubic hair playfully, before wrapping her soft hand around my throbbing cock. Truthfully, I wasn’t certain if I should be worried, turned on, or both.

She released my shaft, and left the room, coming back with a can of shaving cream, a towel, a razor and a bowl full of steaming water. Placing the towel down between my legs, she pumped the shaving cream into her hand and spread it all over my crotch.

“Toddy, needs a shave,” she said in a childlike voice, taking the razor to my privates and slowly shaving me bald.

It took a long time too, and she had to change the razors twice to just get it done. I could have fought it, but I thought it wasn’t the best idea to fight her while she held a razor near my cock and balls. So I just lay there, trying to urge her to stop verbally, but definitely not fighting it physically.

When she was done, she washed me clean. I don’t remember the last time I had felt so naked, as she looked down on my freshly shaven crotch. I mean, she didn’t leave a stitch of hair on me!

“Much better,” she exclaimed, happy as little girl could be. “You and I are going to have soooo much fun today.”

She climbed up on the bed between my spread legs, pressing her cheek up against my balls and still throbbing cock. She ran her face up and down my ballsack slowly, like she was savoring the feel of a cleanly shaven sack. It was odd, yet extremely intimate at the same time.

I watched as she grabbed my shaft, pulling it back with her hand until it was standing straight up from my body. She licked her lips wantonly, and then slowly ran her tongue from the base of my cock to the head. Her tongue flickered all around my taut skin, teasing me as she explored my shaft like she had never done so before.

I couldn’t help but moan as she pulled me into her mouth and began eagerly sucking on my thick cock. Helpless, I just lay there and moaned as she deep throated me, stroked me, and fondled me until the pre-cum began to ooze from my cockhead. At the first taste of my pending release, she stopped, letting my cock slap back against my abdomen.

“I don’t think so,” she cooed, slipping off the bed and leaving the room as I cooled off.

When she came back in, she was carrying a small bag. Clearing off the table next to my bed, she opened the bag and began laying out everything inside. I watched as a variety of objects appeared from the bag. She lay out feathers, candles, a lighter, nipple clamps, and cock rings. My eyes really got large, however, when she pulled out some lubricant, a butt plug, and finally the largest strap-on dildo I had ever seen.

“Where shall we begin?” she asked me questioningly as she caressed all her toys lovingly.

(To be continued)

A Sticky Situation (Part 7) (Mature 18+)

“So,” I said to Janet later that night. “I saw your ex-husband earlier today.”

“What did that creep have to say?” she asked, looking up from her crossword puzzle.

“He said he wanted to give me a friendly warning,” I told her, watching as her eyes went wide in surprise.

“Oh, really?” she asked laughingly. “Just what was he warning you about? Stay away from my wife, or else?”

I shook my head, smiling. She knew that I wouldn’t take kindly to anyone threatening me, and she also had to assume that Ed wouldn’t have balls enough to make those kind of threats. Still, he did warn me, and she hadn’t brought up once about the last couple of nights…

“He said, and I quote, ‘The bitch is evil man. She will fuck your body and then fuck your mind up.’ Any idea what he meant by that?

“I have no idea what he meant,” Janet replied steadfastly. The look on her face was one of pure confusion, and I couldn’t help but feel she was telling the truth.

“What about us?” I asked, pressing further. “You never talk about the two of us.”

“What about us?” she asked, a small smile forming on her lips as she raised her eyebrow quizzically. “I thought we were just two adults seeking mutual satisfaction. Am I right, or is it more you are looking for?”

“We are…”


“But, since you haven’t brought it up at all, I was beginning to wonder…”

“… if what the bastard said was true. Right?” She finished for me. “I can understand that.”

“Well, are you playing some mind games with me?” I asked pointedly.

“The only games I want to play all involve that wonderful dick of yours, and both of us leaving satisfied. No strings. We are just friends fulfilling each other’s desires. It beats jacking off, doesn’t it?”

“Indeed it does,” I barked out in laughter.

“Ok, then,” she sighed and the smiled playfully. “Speaking of being satisfied… I’m not wearing any panties, and the girls aren’t going to be home for another 30 minutes.”

She stood up and turned around, leaning over the arm of the couch. Reaching back she pulled up her skirt, showing me her nice round ass and puffy pussy lips. I moaned appreciatively and stepped up behind her, placing my fingers on the outside of her sex.

I slide my middle finger between her folds, and was surprised to find that she was already sopping wet. Something told me that she had gone without for so long, that the mere thought of sex made her juices flow. I let my finger slide all the way inside, and wiggled it around, tickling her inner canal.

Looking down on her I had a thought, more of a desire really, to taste her. Pulling my finger from her moist depths I knelt down behind her, parted her pussy lips with both hands, and ran my tongue up and down her moist slit. I heard her take in a sharp breath as my tongue explored her inner and outer folds. She tasted wonderful, her juices coating my mouth, lips and tongue.

I pressed my face firmly against her, my tongue sliding as far in as it could. Keeping her pussy lips spread with my left hand, I reached between her legs with my right and began massaging her clit rapidly. Since no one was home, she was less inhibited with her vocal cries, and it wasn’t long before she was moaning loudly and pressing herself back on my mouth and probing fingers.

“Oh fuck, Todd,” she moaned. “Eat my pussy. Oh shit, I’m…I’m… ohhh….”

If I thought she was wet before, I was highly mistaken. As she began to orgasm, her juices literally flowed from her pussy, covering my face, fingers. Well… everything that I had touching her was literally soaked in her womanly juices.

Wanting to take advantage of her orgasmic bliss, I stood up abruptly. Pulled my sweat pants down to my knees and shoved my hard cock into hot depths. This must have triggered another orgasm, as her head flew back and a guttural cry escaped her lips. Her pussy muscles clamped hard around my shaft, grasping me tightly as I held myself deep in her womb.

“Fuck me,” she growled, looking at me over her shoulder. “Fuck me, hard. Make me your whore.”

“Unhh,” I groaned. Reaching up and grabbing a hold of her long red hair. Wrapping it in my fingers, I pulled back lightly, testing her for resistance.

“That’s it, baby,” she growled. “Pull my hair, make me your bitch.”

With a loud growl, I yanked back on her hair as I started to piston my hips back and forth. My long, thick cock slammed into her pussy repeatedly, hard and fast. Holding her there, I began slapping her bare ass with my hand each time I pulled back. I savored the sound of our flesh slapping, her moans of pain and pleasure and her pleading for me to smack her harder, and to fuck her harder.

I don’t know how long I fucked her, all I know was that her pale white ass was now turning red with my handprints. Her moans only seemed to get louder and louder, as did mine.

“Fuck, Janet,” I growled. “I’m going to cum!”

“Do it, baby,” she urged. “Fill me u-u-u-p…”

We both erupted at the same time, letting howls of pleasure escape as my cock exploded in her womb. Our juices combined and flowed so much that she was overflowing, coating my balls and inner thighs. I continued to fuck her through-out my climax, not stopping as she slipped into orgasm after orgasm. Finally, I fell back onto the couch, exhausted yet still hard as a rock.

“Damn…” she muttered, looking down on my still erect and slick cock.

Pulling her skirt down, she dropped to her knees and pulled my juice slick cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down my shaft, and then licked my balls and inner thighs. She cleaned every drop of our combined juices from me, which was extremely hot to me.

She was no sooner done cleaning me off, than we heard the garage door going up. Janet laughed, straightened her clothes and disappeared to the back into her bedroom. I pulled up my pants, and lay back, still panting and tried to recoup as the girls made their way into the house.


“Damn, happy to see us, or what?” Julie said as she looked over the couch at where I was laying.

“Guess so,” I replied laughingly, my still hard cock making a tent in my sweat pants. Jumping up, I began making my way towards the stairs, only to have Jessica block my way.

“Let’s see what you are hiding from us, Todd,” she said with a wink.

“Yeah,” Julie chimed in. “After all, you have seen ours, let us see yours.”

“I don’t think so,” I began, and stopped as their mom came down the hall from her room.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

Both girls looked over at their mom in surprise, not expecting her to walk up on them like that. Julie began sniffing the air, a knowing smile on her face. She looked back and forth between Janet and me. “You two were fucking,” she cried out, clapping her hands.

“No way,” Jessica said, and then paused. “You were, weren’t you?”

“They were,” Julie said, “look at the red faces, and can’t you smell the sex in the air.”

“Quiet, you two,” Janet scolded. “What we do in our spare time is our business, no concern of yours.”

“Are you kidding me?” Jessica exclaimed. “Of course it is our business! Details, we want details!”

“Details of what?” Chelsea asked, coming up from behind us.

“Mom and Todd are fucking,” Julie stated matter-of-factly.

“Oh really,” Chelsea replied, shooting a look my way. “Since when?”

“I’m gonna leave you to this,” I said to Janet and began climbing the steps to my room. Before I hit the upstairs landing, I looked back and saw Chelsea staring holes in my back. I don’t know why, but her look startled me, it wasn’t just the hurt that was there… I could sense a raw anger hidden beneath her demeanor.

Ed’s words flooded through my brain as closed the door to my room, locking it for the first time in a long time.

(To be continued)

A Sticky Situation (Part 6) (Mature 18+)

I returned to the comfort of my office and tried my best to shake the images of those three lovely young girls naked in the hot tub. However, no matter what, I was unable to concentrate on my work. After about 30 minutes of trying, I decided enough was enough, shut down my computer and went downstairs to check on the girls.

When I got to the deck, I was surprised to find the only one left in the tub was Chelsea. She was sitting on the edge of the tub, letting her feet soak in the water. Her naked body looked radiant in the morning sun. Even from the distance I was standing, I could see the chilly morning air had caused her nipples to stiffen and stand out straight and hard.

“Where’s the twins?” I asked her.

She looked up, startled at first, and then smiled a little smile. “They decided to go to school anyway since you wouldn’t play along.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she replied as she slipped back into the water. “They only wanted to see if you would join us. I told them you wouldn’t, but they wanted to try anyway.”

“Well, it is probably for the best.”

“Yep,” she replied, sinking lower into the water. “So, are you going to join me or not?”

“What?” I asked.

“Join me,” she said with a sly grin. “I know that’s why you came back down here. It wasn’t to check and see if we were cooking or anything.”

I looked around, and thought about for a second. Not for the first time I was thankful that I had a high fence, and the tub was at the back of the house. Even with the screened-in porch, one could get a solid view if it weren’t for the other barriers.

“Come on,” she pouted, once more giving me her best innocent look.

Sighing, I stripped off my clothes and slipped into the water with her. I have to admit, the heat felt wonderful again my skin. It had been quite some time since I was actually in the hot tub, let alone naked in it and with a young lady sitting across from me.

“See,” she giggled. “It wasn’t so hard. Or is it? Hard… that is.”

“Chelsea…” I began.

“I know, I know,” she pouted again. “I said ‘just this once’. But can I at least come sit with you?”

There wasn’t much I could do to stop her. She stood up in the tub, letting my eyes behold her young, firm breasts. Rivulets of water dripped off her near perfect skin. Her nipples stood hard, erect, pointing directly at me. The way she was biting her lip let me know that they were stiff from more than just the cool air too.

She stepped up and straddled my legs, placing those beautiful breasts right in line with my mouth. As she swayed some, I watched her breasts wiggle, and then kept my eyes fastened on them as she took slow breaths in and out. The way they rose and fell had me hard in record time.

“Suck them,” she whispered.

“Chelsea…” I moaned.

“Just this once…” she whispered again, pressing her chest against my face.

My hands instinctively went up to her breasts, grasping both of them with each hand. They were so soft, pliable, yet firm at the same time. I brushed her nipples with my thumbs, looking up and watching as she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip again. She looked so sexy… how could I deny her?

Leaning forward I pulled one of her nipples between my lips. I listened to her moan softly, as my tongue flicked across the sensitive nub. Spreading my lips wider, I began sucking in as much of her tit as I could into my mouth. All the while, my tongue made lazy circles on her flesh.

Sliding my hands down her waist, I held her at her hips, suckling on her breasts. I began alternating back and forth, sucking on them, biting them and licking them. The sound of her soft moans was like music to my ears and I couldn’t get enough of her young body.

“Touch me, please,” I heard her plead, spreading her legs slightly.

I didn’t even bother to object, sliding my right hand down between her legs. My fingers found her pussy lips straightaway, and I traced them with my index finger and thumb. I parted her lips gently, running my finger up her slit until I found her stiff little nub. I knew I hit pay dirt, when I pinched it between my fingers and she all but collapsed on me.

“Oh…my…god,” she whispered into my ear breathlessly as my fingers slid into her pussy while I flicked her clit with my thumb.

Her hand shot down between my legs, grasping my throbbing cock and furiously stroking me while I fingered her tight pussy. It was a heady experience, to say the least. I wasn’t certain which was hotter, her or the hot tub.

“Fuck me, please,” she begged.

I stood up abruptly, lifting her up with me as I stood. Sitting her down on the edge of the tub, I took a good long look at her pussy for the first time. I battled with whether to dive in and taste her, or just go ahead and fuck her like she begged for me to do. She made my decision for me, climbing out of the tub and climbing up on a chair adjacent to the tub. Her ass stuck out, inviting me to slip into her from behind.

I don’t think I had moved so fast in my life, or at least for as long as I could remember. Stepping up behind her, I guided the tip of my cock to her moist opening. Looking down on her young body, open and ready for me, I hesitated. My mind battled with whether I should do this or not. After all, she was still young, impressionable, her whole family lived in my house, and her mom had ridden my cock just the night before.

“Just this once,” she mewed again. “I promise… just fuck me…”

In the end, I really didn’t need any encouragement, but I took it none-the-less. My cockhead pushed between her pussy lips, sliding in with ease as her soft canal embraced my hard shaft. She was so hot, and wet, as I slowly filled her inch by precious inch.

Grabbing her hips, I pressed myself as deeply into her as I could. My feet were raised up onto my tiptoes, as I pushed just a little bit further into her. Her head shot back as she let out a guttural moan and shoved back against me hard. The force of her thrust nearly knocked me off my feet as her ass slammed into me.

“Oh… fuck!” she shouted. “Do it! Fuck me and fuck me hard!”

I reached up and grabbed her hair with my right hand, still maintaining a hold on her hip with my left. She groaned and yelped as I pulled her head back by her hair, and began to piston my hips back and forth. My cock slammed into her tight body repeatedly, bottoming out as she thrust backwards to meet me.

I watched as her ass bounced and jiggled with each forceful impact. The sounds of our mutual moaning and bodies slapping resonated in the air. I couldn’t help but wonder if any of the neighbors were outside, listening to us rutting like animals in heat.

“Harder,” she yelled. “Faster!”

Our bodies were like a whir of machinery. There was no stopping us as we both slammed into one another repeatedly. The feeling of pussy sliding up and down my hard shaft felt wonderful, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I slipped over the proverbial edge.

“Chelsea…” I moaned, as I grew closer to the point of no return.

“Cum on me,” she growled. “Spray my ass with your hot cum.”

“Oh shit,” I moaned, pulling out just as I was beginning to cum. Large white ropes of cum shot from my cockhead, spraying her backside. She slipped off the chair and swung around, catching the last bit of cum in the face. Pulling me into her mouth, she sucked the remaining bit from me, squeezing me and milking me of all my fluids.

“Mmmm,” she whispered. “Thanks for the snack.”

With that, she stood up, grabbed her clothes and left me standing naked on the porch. A part of me felt used, but at that point I really didn’t care. Shaking my head and clearing the fog that was in my brain, I slipped on my shorts and shut down the tub.

Maybe now I could finally get some work done…


Any thought of getting work done was pretty much ruined. The entire rest of the day left me wondering just what the hell I was doing. On one hand I had a beautiful young woman that was obviously using me for her enjoyment. On the other hand I had a beautiful woman (who just happened to be the mom of the young woman), that was probably the oldest friend my deceased wife had, who was sneaking into my room at night. Not to mention the fact that I wasn’t certain she was even sober when she came into my room.

I didn’t even want to think about the twins. Those two just seemed to be a handful no matter what. While they looked fun, I was willing to bet that they would fuck me into an early grave given the chance. No… I was steering clear of those two, I already had enough problems with their mom and sister. So, instead of getting any work done, I found myself reflecting on the situation I was in and wondering on exactly how I could get out of it.

Sometime around 5pm, I heard the front door open up and heard Janet yell hello up the stairs. Shortly afterwards, I heard the sound of Chelsea bopping downstairs to greet her mother. Not exactly certain on what to do, I just sat there and waited for a bit. Soon, I heard a knock on my office door.

“Come in,” I said, and watched as the door opened to reveal Janet standing on the other side.

“How was your day?” she asked cheerfully.

“For the most part pretty good, and yours?”

“Work is work,” she replied with a smile, coming in and taking a seat across from me.

We made small talk for several minutes. I was wondering if the topic would come up, but neither one of us brought up the night before. Since she didn’t bring it up, I wasn’t going to either. Regardless, it was a pleasant conversation filled with easy laughter as we talked about our work.

At some point we heard the twins arrive and Janet took her leave. I watched as she walked away, wondering if I was going to be treated to another midnight visit from her that night. Truthfully, I was hoping that I would, but I was perplexed at how she didn’t seem the slightest bit awkward about the night before.


Dinner went smashingly, with all the ladies working to pull something together from what seemed like nothing to eat. I must admit, having them around was probably going to put about 2 inches on my waist line. Unless, of course, they continued to work it off of me in other ways.

“How was the hot tub?” Janet asked Chelsea at some point during the meal, causing me to almost choke on my food.

“Great, mom,” Chelsea replied enthusiastically.

“Yeah,” Julie added. “Todd was nice enough to show how to turn on the jets. Right Todd?”

“Yep,” was all I could manage to say; not wanting to be trapped in whatever game they were trying to play.

“Well, now that you have broken it in, maybe the adults need to try it out next.”

“Mom,” Chelsea said. “I am an adult too, ya know?”

“Oh,” Janet replied quizzically, raising her eyebrows. “Really? Since when?”

“I am 18 years old,” Chelsea pouted. “I am an adult. Right Todd?”

“Leave me out of this,” I replied, throwing my hands up defensively.

“When you either get a job, or go to college, and try to accomplish something. Then, and only then, will I say you are an adult,” said Janet emphatically, bringing the discussion to a close.


Sometime around midnight, I was once again awoken by the sound of my bedroom door opening up. I opened my eyes to see Janet staggering into the room half naked. Her nightgown was open and I could see her voluminous breasts spilling out from behind the folds.

“Shhh,” she motioned, raising her finger to her lips.

I watched as she approached my bed, and pulled the sheet back that was covering the lower half of my body. As per my norm, I was completely nude in the bed, having forgone the wearing of clothes to bed many years before. Her eyes immediately went to my flaccid cock, and I watched as she licked her lips like she was gazing on her favorite snack.

She didn’t say a word as she climbed on the bed and pushed my legs apart. I felt her hands slide up my inner thighs, culminating at my crotch, where she gently cupped my balls in the palm of her hand. She rolled each ball gently between her fingers, exploring me gently. Her hot breath blew against my ballsack, causing my shaft to begin to twitch with arousal.

“Mmmhmm,” she moaned approvingly as my cock grew hard before her eyes. “Very nice.”

I felt her tongue snake out and tentatively lick my balls. She took one between her lips and sucked on it gently, while her hand reached up to grasp my shaft. It was my turn to moan quietly as she alternated between sucking on my balls and stroking my now hard cock.

“Oh shit,” I moaned, as her tongue snaked lower and licked my asshole. I could feel her tongue sliding up and down my anus, penetrating me slightly, while she continued to stroke my cock. The feeling was unbelievable, and I don’t think anyone had ever done that to me before.

She was down there just long enough to drive me crazy, and then she was back to sucking and licking my balls. All the while, she steadily stroked my cock, giving me an absolutely wonderful handjob. In fact, if she kept it up, I would soon be spraying cum all over my own mid-section.

Janet must have sensed that as well, because she released my balls from between her lips and slowly licked up the underside of my shaft. Her lips parted as she reached the crown, wrapping around the head and pulling me between her lips.

I just about had to cover my face with a pillow to keep from moaning too loud when she deep throated my steel hard cock. I kid you not when I say I could just about feel her tongue brush against my balls. She just held me there, sucking on me like I was a giant straw and continued to massage my balls gently.

Pulling her lips back until just the head was between her lips, she wrapped her hand back around my shaft and began pumping me. Her mouth and hand worked as one as she steadily slid her mouth up and down my cock, while slowly stroking me at the same time. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, licking me here, there and everywhere.

As the pre-cum began to ooze from my cockhead, she eagerly lapped it up and continued sucking me faster. Her hand was like a blur, sliding up and down my slick cock while she kept just the tip between her lips. The feeling was exquisite as I approached my orgasm, her free hand continued to caress my heavy balls only adding to the feeling.

“Janet…” I moaned softly.

She knew I was about to cum, removing her hand and deep throating me just as I exploded. I could feel the back of her throat as she swallowed my heavy load. The feeling was intense as I continued to explode in her mouth repeatedly.

“Mmmm,” she said when she pulled me out of her mouth after I finally quit cumming. She squeezed my shaft and pulled up, coaxing out what little fluid I still had left in balls. Her tongue lapped up the bubble of cum that formed, the feeling sending another shockwave of pleasure up my spine.

“Thank you,” she said, sliding off the bed and staggering to the door.

Again, she left me feeling satisfied, but confused at the same time.


The next morning I awoke to an empty house. There was absolutely no one around, and for once I was grateful. I managed to actually get some work done, despite the confusion from the night before. Actually, working helped me to push the confusion to the back burner, which was probably for the best.

Around mid-day, I decided to run to town and drop my reports off in the mail. While at the post office I spotted Janet’s ex-husband lingering outside the building. Not certain that it was me he was actually waiting for, I took my time, hoping the man would just disappear. No such luck…

“Hey, Todd,” the oily looking man said as I walked towards my car.

“Edward,” I nodded towards him in hello, not stopping as I continued towards my car.

“Todd,” he repeated my name, placing his hand on my door to keep me from opening it.

“What do you want, Ed?” I sighed, turning to look at the man.

“Listen,” he said with a grimace. “I don’t know what she has told you, but it isn’t what you think.”

“What,” I said sarcastically. “You really did have a job you were going to, and you really weren’t on all fours getting fucked by a guy friend of yours?”

“Ok, ok,” he said, raising his hands defensively. “Perhaps some of that is correct.”

“Then, what is the problem?”

“I just wanted to give you a friendly warning, man,” he replied with a look of defeat in his eyes.

“What kind of warning? Are you threatening me?” I said, beginning to grow a little hot under the collar.

“No, no, not that,” the man said, with obvious fear in his eyes. “I wouldn’t threaten you, man.”

“Then what is it?”

“Has she started it yet?”

“Started what?” I asked, blinking at him in confusion.

“Fucking with your mind, man. Has she started her games with you yet?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about Ed. You are obviously high on something right now, and I suggest you get out of my way before I move you.”

“Ok, fine,” he replied hotly. “But don’t say I didn’t try to warn ya. The bitch is evil man. She will fuck your body and then fuck your mind up!”

I climbed into the car as he continued to rant and rave about how she was going to ruin me. Putting the car into gear, I backed up and pulled off. I watched him grow smaller in the distance, but my mind was on what he had just said.

“She will fuck your body and then fuck your mind up,” I repeated to myself, then shook my head, not wanting to believe a word the high, oily man had to say.

(To be continued)