Essence #70

You are the perfect offering
for my beast, and before we are through,
I will know
every inch of you,
devouring and consuming you,
covering and filling you
© AC Elliott, 5-Dec-2017


Essence #69

Body draped across my knees
let me see your ass raised high
feel your flesh beneath my
as I explore your curves
tracing them lightly
watching as goosebumps form
hearing your breath catch
the feel of my firm hand
as I give you
what you want, what you need
while relishing the gift
found in your submission
© AC Elliott, 1-Dec-2017

Give Your All to Me

With your soft flesh pressed
hard against me
let me get lost in the curves
the creamy deliciousness
that is you.
Hands clenching, teeth biting,
guttural moans escaping
my throat
at the feel of your silken embrace
engulfing me, accepting me,
taking me deep inside.
Claw me, bite me, grasp me
shudder beneath me
as your walls clasp and screams
leave your throat.
Give your all to me
and I will give my all to you.
© AC Elliott, 30-Oct-17

Written using the Free Verse poetry form.

Like a Firefly

Trapped, held inside
Bottled up like a firefly
Just another treasure
Displayed for all to see

A small little trinket
Some unknown curiosity

Trapped, held inside
Bottled up like a firefly
Just waiting for the lid
To be screwed down tight

A little bauble, owned
Put on a shelf, treasured

Trapped, held inside
Bottled up like a firefly
Watch with curiosity
As her light grows dim

A small oddity, rare
To be displayed, revered

Trapped, held inside
Bottled up like a firefly
Waiting, always hoping
Knowing someone will come

A small treasure, unique
Her heart pure and rare

Trapped, held inside
Bottled up like a firefly
Willing to wait forever
To be freed by his touch
©AC Elliott, 2014

The Man (Part Three)

“Touch me, please,” Melissa heard herself reply, the words flowing unbidden from her lips.

The man didn’t say a word as he placed his strong fingers firmly against her swollen pussy lips. He slowly traced the sides of her mound with his index and ring finger, while his middle finger slid lightly over her puffy lips. The touch of his middle finger, so light and barely touching her was frustrating, yet erotic at the same time.

Melissa couldn’t stand it any longer. She thrust back on his hand forcefully, wanting to feel his strong fingers firmly against her moist lips. The outcome was not exactly what she desired, as he quickly pulled his fingers away from her sex as if stung by a bee.

“That was not very nice, Melissa,” the man said softly. “I will touch you when I think you are ready for it. Now, though, you must be punished for your actions. Don’t you think?”

“P-p-punished…” Melissa managed to stammer out, wondering what he had in mind.

“Yes, punished,” the man continued, once more running his firm hand across her bare ass. “You need to be punished, because you need to learn that I am the one in control here. From this point forward you will address me as ‘sir’, is that understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Melissa replied, as his hand slipped from cheek to cheek.

“Very good, Melissa,” the man praised her. “I will forgive you for not addressing me properly before, you just didn’t know, right?”

“Right, sir,” she replied.

“Good,” he replied, his hand pausing on her right cheek. “I’m going to punish you now, Melissa, for forcing yourself back onto my hand. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Melissa replied compliantly.

His left hand remained resting on the small of her back, as she felt his hand disappear from her soft ass cheek. Tensing up expectantly, she waited for him to spank her. It seemed like several seconds had passed before he touched her again, and when he did, it was to place his hand back gently against her ass cheek.

The man didn’t say anything, just caressed her, massaging her tense muscles with his deft fingers. Melissa felt like melted butter under his touch, her tension dissipating rapidly as he explored her with his strong hand. A soft sigh escaped her lips, as she spread her legs a little further, hoping he would reach further down between them and stroke her aching sex.

In a blink of an eye his hand was gone, and before she could tense up the man had brought it back down on her ass with a firm smack. She yelped out in surprise, and before she knew it he brought it down on both cheeks alternately in three quick successive smacks. Her ass throbbed slightly from the pain of his firm hand on her cheeks, but she managed to bite back the words that threatened to escape her mouth.

“You took that very well,” the man said softly in her ear, his hand once more caressing her asscheeks soothingly. “For that, I will give you a prize.”

“Thank you, sir,” she replied just as softly.

The man’s fingers slipped once more over her sex, pressing firmly against her swollen lips where they once grazed lightly. His middle finger barely penetrated her folds as it ran up and down her lips. She felt him push it further into her, sliding in to the first knuckle and stopping, like he was savoring the feel of her wrapped around his finger.

The man held his finger there for what seemed like an eternity, just feeling her muscles contract around his exploring digit. Finally, he began slowly thrusting his finger between her lips, letting it slide up and down her folds each time he pulled it back. Melissa closed her eyes while he rubbed her clit gently, teasingly, with his thick finger before finally thrusting it all the way inside of her as far as he could go.

“Look at me,” he said softly.

Melissa looked over her shoulder and watched as the man pulled his finger from her depths and brought it up to his mouth. She could see that it, as well as his knuckles, was covered with her juices. She managed to somehow stifle a moan as he thrust the finger into his mouth and sucked her juices from them.

“Mmmm,” the man said with a smile. “Delicious, I’m going to enjoy every bit of you. But, I am tired of being in here. Come with me to the bedroom.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied almost too readily.

(To be continued)

©AC Elliott, 11-Oct-2017